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What Mobile Phone Do You Have?

The Spac

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Heh, I love how people are still clinging to the old myth that mobile phones emit brain-damaging or cancer-causing radio waves of doom. :P  Yeah, and TV will give you sqaure eyes, I hear.

Seriously, there is no proven link, or anything to suggest one.  It's been disproved several times now, but people don't want to listen. :)

Don't worry, we will all see the results in a few years  :D.

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Nokia 3510i. It has a colour-screen, but I have no use for it. The phone serves fine as a calendar anyway... and of course I use it for calling people, too.

My father asked me today if I need a new phone. Weird. Even if he would pay the phone, I wouldn't get a new one simply for the reason that the current is enough for me... seriously, any phone with a decent battery is enough for me.

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Hey guys I was wondering what mobile phones do you use?

I use a Motorola V3 RAZR Black SE.

Cost me too much... $600.


What mobile phone do you guys have? Or have used and what brands do you guys like best?

I just got the same except mine was free haha sorry due to the fact i smashed my old cell phone and convinced them it just broke so they sent it for free

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Motorola V551


Its a great phone! All the normal features plus camera and video, bluetooth, internet access, AIM and much more. Its a tank too, like ive dropped it so many times and it still works. I actually just dropped it into a cup of coke and it was like totally submerged for a few minutes until I realized what I had done. Dried it out and let it sit and it started up. The display was a little messed up but thats because it burned up the connector that sends power to the display. So I got it fixed and its all good. :)

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Behold the Nokia N70 :)


It's got a 2 Megapixel Camera on the back, a dedicated button on the side for capturing photos, a VGA camera on the front (for video calling), 3G compatibility, Bluetooth, InfraRed, 32MB internal memory, 64MB MMC Card, RealPlayer (or in-built Music Player), Word/Excel/PowerPoint/PDF viewer, Symantec AntiVirus (:D) and some cool games (including 3D-Snake :P).

It kicks ultimate ass.

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I had the S.E. K700i.

But the Joystick wasnt that joy anymore.. It stopped reacting most of the time..

Also I had some problems when answering an incomming call.

I pressed accept, and then it took for over 1 sec. to hear the otherone.. it should be almost instantly...

Therefor I brought it back to the phone company.. They on their turn sent it to repair... They told me it would be replaced by a new K700i...

After 1 month and a few days, they told me that the K700i became rare. And therefor they could not tell me when I would get it back. So my phone company claimed money for the phone. With that money I could look for a new one...

I had the Samsung D600 in mind. But that one was expensiver...

I payed the short comming, and there I go..

Since yesterday I'm walking with this


Samsung D600 :D

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