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  1. I grabbed it up and read it 8 hours straight. I feel like after reading it I can see that outline that Frank wrote. However... Thats all I can see. It's like you know the original stuff is there and sorta see what Frank wanted to do but it's like there is all this sort of extra stuff there that doesn't really motivate you. Thats my review. Anyone else's opinions and feelings after reading it?
  2. The ACT in Australia tried to change their laws to allow gay marriages. The federal government blocked it. Happend last week. Not sure if there are any Aussies here, but I thought I would mention it. I work in retail, selling cosmetics, jewellery and that sort of thing, so 95% of the guys I work with are all gay, and don't say I'm assuming, steriotyping, cause I've been there for ages and thats what it is. So anyway what I'm saying is I work with gay guys all the time and see them with their partners and what not. Doesn't bother me, they can talk about some cute guy who just walked in with me and it doesn't bother me. They actually get uncomfortable when I'm more proactive saying isn't he a hottie. And their like your straight, and I'm like so what? Anyway what I wanted to say is, while some want legal marriages and such, alot of the gay community at least the ones I know, and thats quite a few don't like being in the spotlight so much. Thought all I'm sure would like equal rights. What I believe is not getting in the way of what other people want to do as long as their wishes don't userp mine. Which is why I'm fine with what they chooes to do in their spare time. But it just seems like to me it's going against that other natural law, the continuation of the human race, if gays wern't put down the way they are, then maybe the % of gays in the community would rise after maybe 200 years. Then saying if a certain amount of the population doesn't reproduce then the services they run crash because there isn't enough people around to support the system? (Although this planet sure doesn't need more pop.) Doesn't bother me if gays get all the marriage rights, except children. When I see gays with custody of children it just makes me sick, only because it seems wrong, only because I was brought up, that a guy and a girl have to be together to have children(from a biological point of view) I have no particular hate towards seeing it, it's just like a gut feeling.
  3. Unfortunately I don't play emperor anymore, last time I tried to logon and I think it got a westwood is down error.
  4. First off I want to say, sorry Spicy but, I've pretty much skipped most of your posts. You seem like a good person and I have nothing against you but I read these forums late, and your script is too hard to understand at this time of night. Anyway as for mariage, I hope to someday, I would like to build something with someone. Also, actually this is one of Spicy's comments. I think it was him anyway, "Marriage is good for sex". I dunno about that, it's generally pretty easy to find short-term partners that can satisfy you on the physical level, and arguably can keep things more interesting. However, such physical relationships can leave you depleted on the emotional one. I find that alot of marriages based on inital physical relationships fail. EG the guys an ass and she just hasn't realised it yet and we all arn't hot studs forever. Some people end up with that emotional connection over time. Some don't get it, and break up and go out and start a new physical relationship. Also not all of us want to work at something and we generally can be very destructive. I'm afraid Spicy you might find more guys here then girls. Wait I'm not sure which way you swing.
  5. The Reverend Mothers took overdoses of spice essence, and still do from Dune, onwards and before. It's their reason why their so interested in making sure the spice still flows because their now addicted to it. The Water of Life is used by the wild Reverend Mothers of Dune. (Which once transmuted has the double effect of allowing spice orgies) As for Jessica not knowing that Abomination would happen, all I can guess it that, she is still an Acolyte during the time of Dune, and that fellow RM's in the BG would of taken the right precautions when it would of been her time to go through the agony. Also being preborn doesn't automatically make you an Abomination. :) As for eyes not being blue, I would have to say it's contact lenses, alot of factions used them in Dune because they did not wish the others to know they had such a reliance on Spice, which could then be used against them. When Muad'Dib takes power it ends up being kind of pointless to hide these things. My 2 solaris. :)
  6. The Maelstrom or rather fear of it. Plus I rekon the high elves would have said oh don't bother doing there you won't find anything useful, just a bunch of grazing cows and some elves that hate magic.
  7. He's 15 and he's meditating... seems pointless. What does he actually need to meditate on.
  8. They speak of morals because of things like the 10 commandmants and the bible go hand in hand with god.:)
  9. Umm doesn't that patch add in the rest of the Orcish single player campaign? If you like warcraft then maybe it would be a good idea to download it. Leave it going when your at work or something, and also the patch seems to resume for me when it gets like half way and my net disconnects. So it should be do able.
  10. Most First Person shooter stories are lame. HL2 barely had one, go rescue a guy, the ending gave you no information, the start gave you no background information, it just felt like a lack of story. Gameplay was pretty good though. The ending in HL2 is just too abrabt it's like you've just played half a game. The middle, and missed the start and end. Quake 4, while it didn't really have any particular story, at least you know what you were there for. It's just a pretty standard shooter something like HL2, needs a beefier system to run on, but not as beefy as Doom 3. The best parts are probably the graphics, like when the ship is landing and some of the walker enemies. Really seems similar to HL2 gameplay wise. With shooting with stops for riding some vehicle and then going back to shooting.
  11. If god wants someone killed he sure has power enough to make that happen himself.
  12. With freespeach comes the ability for us to condem whatever someone might be saying. As a community.
  13. and take them out before or after dune 7 and 8 is released ;)
  14. "We dont belong to ourselves... we are just some atoms slung together by a higher force.... who are we to tell him what he can and cant do when your existence depends on him? If anybody deserved submission, loyalty, obedience,.... its him." I don't believe that, I believe we should test our will against GODs on a daily basis. If he tells me to sit down then I stand up, and if he smashes me into dust for disobedience then I will sure will make it hard for him. I would rather have done the action, and paid for the consequences then stand there following gods orders because I believe we were meant (humans) for greater things then an eternity of worshipping. And we do have the potential to be great you just have to realise it. We only don't belong to ourselves once we've given ourselves over to GOD, and then you loose what I like to describe as the human spirit. The human spirit wants to seek to quest and to grow, and if we turn ourselves over to god then we accept his vision of us. I believe we can be greater. Alright shoot down what I've said ;)
  15. GW you love to gun down everything I say in all the threads huh ;) LOL It's good though. Mate I write this stuff so late at night when I wake up it barely makes sense to me half the time. Someone was saying how good can't exist without evil or something before, I think I was trying to say that there doesn't have to be evil, but we do have to know of it, in order to avoid it. Otherwise one can do bad without knowing it?
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