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  1. Don't worry, we will all see the results in a few years :D.
  2. http://www.takeforum.com/ I used this for a forum. You can make a forum free and easily.
  3. I had bought a NOKIA 3330 about 4-5 years ago, but I don't use it often. Their radiowaves are too dangerous than any other home device, mobiles are not for unesecary use.
  4. Only Ioan has biblical backround. I think it means something like the one who gives light? Ion means Ionian.
  5. I don't know about blond gods, but I've also read old Greek texts where blond people are mentioned, like Helen the wife of Menelaos. As I told you you can find blond Greeks but the blond is still darker than the Scandinavians or English etc. Still the blonds are a minority in Greece that is why we treat them specially ;D-and that is why they are special mentions of them in ancient Greek texts. Well if you come in Greece today you will see more than half of the women have full-blond hair. This is not their natural, the women here think that they will attract us more this way (Hair paint compani
  6. What you said is is correct. I just insist that genetically Greeks are not Indoeuropeans. You can see Greeks are not blond haired and with blue eyes like Northern Europeans. The 90% of the Greeks have black or dark brown/marron hair. It is difficult to find a blond Greek, and even if you find the blondest he is not as blond as a Swede. Opposing, you can find much more blond people at the nearby Slavic countries. I know that the structure of Latin is similar than the Greek because Latin is a language based in Greek. The Latin alphabet is just a copy of the Euboean alphabet (the alphabet used i
  7. And the Jews, they can keep their traditions. Here we have the Askhenazi Jews who are here for about 2500 years and their faith is the same.
  8. The only sure so-called Aryans qare the Persians and the West Indians. For me the theories about the Indo-Europeans/Aryans were fairy tails of Hitler. Official science adopted these theories unfortunately. The fact that most European languages share some elements with Indian languages and Persian is not a proof about the theory of the Aryans. I am pretty sure that Greeks (even Dorians-they originated in North Macedonia) are not Indo-europeans but indigenous. This is proved by anthropologist Ares Poulianos even if the official Greek state denied his theories. The web-site of him is here http://
  9. Achilleas was a real person, not a myth.
  10. Yes, I forgot to mention the Megleno-romanians. Their number in Greece (Meglena area-north Greece) must be about 10000-15000 today. A website with surveys about the Vlachs that immigrated to Greece is this http://www.vlachs.gr/ As for the Greeks in Southern Italy, most of them are located in Calabria, Salento and Sicily (Magna Graecia region). DNA tests proved their Greek origin, however as time passes more of them get "Italianised". The language they used to spoke is Griko, a Doric Greek dialect with Italian elements, however their children learn only Italian in schools and the people are spe
  11. Are you all following these Indo-european theories?
  12. Well, from what I know the Vlachs seperated into too kinds: Romanians and Aromanians. The Romanians stayed in the Danube area where they are till today, but the Aromanians moved to the South in other Balkan countries. Many of them came in Greece also - Today we have about 100,000 of Aromanian descedants here. The word Wallach reminds us all the Vlachs. Aromanians also, which are not considered Romanians. Please correct me if I am wrong, you know your country's history better ;D.
  13. I downloaded the encyclopedia and I found out that most of the Dune houses communities are based/originated in real historical groups/cultures. Frank Herbert had a very good historical knowledge. After my search in Dune encyclopedia I found out the following: Old Terran houses House Steel: Russia House Washington: USA House Windsor: Britain House Abraham: Israel House Ur-Haq: Pakistan House De Gaulle: France (??) House Nippon: Japan House Zedong: China House Gandhi: India Dune houses/communities and their Terran origin House Atreides: Greek origin House Harkonnen: Russian-Greek origin The Fre
  14. There is a house Wallach. I found it in the Dune encyclopedia.
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