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I get 42kbps download if I'm lucky at home. Every 2 hours, my ISP disconnects me and I have to redial.

Oh Nema, if you werent a computer program, I would feel sorry for you. Is it not economically feasable to get even a basic broadband offering ? in the UK you can get 1 Mb for

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My downstream is 1,6 megabit. Upstream I'm not sure of. I think something like 512 kbit. Maybe a bit less. I'm not sure because my original speed has been upgraded a couple of times.

I started at 256 kbit up/64 kbit down. now that is over 6 times as fast and i'm not paying anything more than before

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Currently wireless internet, which is not set up to get the highest speed, as my satellite is in my bedroom and not at a window facing the other satellite.

According to a speed test I did, I get

262 kbps down

64 kbps up

But when at uni and on the land line high speed it's about twice as fast. The ISP Eastlink recently doubled their top speeds.

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download (KB/s) 640

downstream (Kbps) 5120

upstream (Kbps) 1024

Tho I have no idea what downstream is...so would be great if someone can explain it :P

I am quite happy with it, its fast enough for me.

The downstream is your download except that here it is translated into kilobits, whereas you see your download speed in kilobytes.

and since 1 byte = 8 bit a downstream of 5120 kilobit is exactly the same as a download of 640 kilobyte (8 x 640 = 5120)

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