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  1. I think we look at this from the Biblical point of view that line will be more clearer. In the Bible God promises Abraham a son from Sara. Sara suggest Abraham to get a son from Hagar, which happens. Then God again says that a son will be given to him from Sara, this is the PROMISED SON, very important to note this. When Isaac was born, Ismael was send away, leaving Abraham with Isaac only. I don't really understand how there can be doubts about who Abraham was supposed to sacfice. Of course God will aks for the most beloved to be sacficed, which is Isaac since he is from Sara whom Abraham lov
  2. Well there are people who say they are christians and those who are christians, those who are read the bible every single day for the rest of their lives. Still, its quite hard to measure the amount of times a book is read. We have people in our church who have probably read the bible over 1000x , but i doubt the writer of that book has interviewed this person, so still, making statements like that cannot be taken seriously since it is too hard to really measure.
  3. No goatmen are mentioned in the bible, the given verse does not contain goatmen. You said: "Koran is the most read book and the most memorized book in the world and it has the most influence on those who read it or recite it" I am quite sure that the bible holds the most read book position, selling more then 100million each year. I am surprised anyone measured what book was most memorized...did someone ask every human being which book he or she memorizes? I think thats biased information, for example most of the people around me memorize the bible and cite it every day and their lives have dr
  4. I have a few questions about islam: What happens when one sins? What does the Islam say about the task of humans...what does Allah expect from them? What do people get when they go to heaven?
  5. What I see here is humans trying to figure out why God does things and how He should do it based on their inferior brians. Problem is that the wisdom which is used on this forum is considereded stupitidy by God. Therefore trying to reason based on your logic of devine things is a rather pointless thing to do. Look at what the Bible says after Gods ways: Romans 11: 33Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out! 34"Who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been his counselor?"[j] 35"Who
  6. Revelation 13: 16He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, 17so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.
  7. To see whether a religion is right one has to look at the book of that religion. As I am trying to proof to everyne here that the Christian God exists, I qoute from the Bible. What I qouted is a promise from Jesus to everyone who believes in him. Now if Jesus exists, wouldn't it mean that the promise should be fullfiled even to this day? Now this particular promise has a sign attached to it which is an miracle and is the proof that Jesus exists. (look at 1 Cor. 14.22). The reason why I am asking people here to post their interpretation of the promise is because I want God to reveal it to every
  8. If you read my 1st post you will find the answers to your post. God is not dead but alive. God's own word says that in order to believe one needs proof and assurance. So in short, since we are dealing with a living God, interaction is possible and getting proof and assurance is possible and actually God is more then willing to do this to save people. Jesus clearly says somewhere that if people don't see signs they will not believe. I would like to ask you to read my 2nd posts with the qoutes from the bible and post what you think the qoutes say. Because the qoutes contain evidence of the Chris
  9. Acriku, if God exists then so does hell and heaven and thus eternal life or eternal death. This seems quite serious to me and would seem quite logical to try to atleast find out whether God exists or not. For example if quite some people say eating an food X is lethal. Wouldn't it be wise for both those that believe and don't believe to try to find evidence supporting them since this is a matter of life and death? The reason why I don't want to go into detail is the following... I don't want anyone to believe based on what a human says, but based on what God says and does. Therefore I will pos
  10. Why do people believe what they believe? I think thats an important thing to look at. I will use my story to illustrate my point. I am an Armenian, and since we accepted Christianity in 301 we are the first Christian country. Being raised with this background I always called myself a Christian and actually thought I was one. So I believed that God existed because I was raised like that. Would I have been born in an Islamitic family or an Atheist one, I probably would have believed whatever I was thaught. Now about 1 year ago God entered my life. I don't want to go into details, but lets say I
  11. God does not need to test faith. As you mentioned God is omnisciesient and thus already knows how good or bad your faith is. So why did God test Abraham? To show Abraham and the current readers what kind of faith is required. God already knew whether Abraham would sacrifice his son or not. The point of most tests is to show us our own condition, so we can work on that and fix it and when we endure tests, we become spiritual stronger. However, except for some very rare ocasions (like the Abraham case) God does not test people. Please read the below part, which is qouted from James 1:2-18: ----
  12. First...what was the sin that forced God to drop Adam and Eve out of paradise? I'd like to advice everyone to ask for Gods help when reading the bible, or you will not even understand the most simple things underlying it. Remember in revelation that only Jesus is able to explain and ''open'' the bible to those who believe (Rev. 5:1-10). Man was made very good as the bible says, and man had free choice. God had given man all he needed and had given man 1 commandment, not to eat from the tree of knowlegde of good and evil. They ate from it and knew about good and evil and now lok at the bold p
  13. First you have to believe in God to start the process of salvation, if you don't, you will not be saved even if you help the entire world, that would equal someone who does help people, but still keeps his sins (sins can only be washed away by Jesus' blood) and sin = death. God does interfere with affairs of man, in my short time as a Christian I have seen proofs of this. Salvation is keeping the ten commandments, which will automaticaly lead you to help others and do good things. Jesus summarizes the 10 commandments in these 2: And I want to mention one more thing, man cannot keep the comm
  14. I see your point, but there is no need to make it that complicated. Let me use an example to illustrate something: Imagin you have big debts and you hear that person X has announced that he will pay off any debts anyone has. IF you believe, you will look for person X, you will go to him and you will ask him to pay off your debts. Person X will pay off your debts and tell you: Dont make any debts anymore and he will also provide you with all the info needed to manage your life without making any debts. That is a very simplified example on how salvation works. The bold parts in my example shows
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