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What keeps you coming back to Emperor?


What keeps you coming back to Emperor?  

44 members have voted

  1. 1. What keeps you coming back to Emperor?

    • The single player campaign
    • The multiplayer/online game
    • The community
    • The balance in the game (balance between sides)
    • Playing/making mods
    • I don't play it anymore, silly!

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for me the same as dust scout. The singleplayer/skirmish option. I did play it online a couple of times and it realy is fun but school interrupted and kinda wasted my further online play. I might try it again though. Becasue it is realy good. But there are other games too...

And ofcourse the community. I'm not on these boards just because i like the member. The main reason is because i realy like the whole Dune universe, which was the ony reason why I came here anyway ofcourse.

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For me its the online games and the community.  I would have never stuck around unless I hadn't experienced online play.  I made alot buds online and playing with them is what keeps me coming back.  I'm playing other games also, when I have time but if I see someone online, Emp overules them all.

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It would have to be playing/making mods for me. At least when I'm not accused of copying other people's ideas and incorporating them into my own mod.  >:( ::) ;)

If map making also falls under the same kind of editing category (although it can't truly be considered 'modding' the game), then that would be another reason.

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First off, it is such an addictive game, I was playing it offline (badly  ;)) for ages. Then it just got a whole lot better when I discovered online play. The community on the whole is excellent. Except for everyone who says "everyone is good except Erjin/nununuerj"...I will "except" them first..  ;D

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i voted for the comunity...wich is coupled with the online-play for sure. coz if i would play only skirmish games, i would not be that much in that board. i can only repeat gunwounds words..."its like to go in a bar and meet some friends"


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