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  1. i did it with win10. bought an licence for like 10 bugs. but i might have run emperor in xp-mode. i dont remember exactly, but i tried a whole night with different versions (cd, cracked ones and so on) til t was working. but if you have a working cd version it might be faster. my cd was broken. bought a used one...
  2. the graohics on the mac are as they have always been and in skirmish games was no lag at all. i had not much online games but as long as i could experience, there was no lag there too.
  3. Hey there, Yeah, i am running it on a mac. Well, not realy, but for sure on a macbook. Bootcamp is needed. I installed a bootcamp partition and bought a used emperor cd pack. I had trouble installing it, so i looked for some other installations in the www...it took me a whole evening, but finaly i got it running and with hamatchci also online. I never tried if playing a campaign could work, but skirmish and online works just fine on a macbook with bootcamp. only for some few shortcuts you need the "fn" key, if you wanna use the F Keys. I dont realy remember how i finaly got it running...Give it a try. Emperor is still worth it
  4. youkooo you bastard...i was on tunnfle too last week...ill be back on tunngle next week. hollidays now with the kids...you should train with the russians a lot :) nice to see you
  5. where do they play? wich server? how to connect?
  6. After watching a few multiplayer games on Youtube by accident, i bought today the game again! I will try to get it working on my macbook with a wrapper...lets see... maybe one of the oldies will see that and give it a try too...well...except youkolord :) i saw a few videos from centner...he started, when we left i think...still around?
  7. me too frommtime to time, but i guess emp will not work on mac and i dont have a pc anymore :) is someone still playing?!?!?!

    Trash Crash


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2004-02-11 Players » Eight Map Size » 112 * 112 Additional Info » So here is one of my first map. i hope it will wok as well for you, like we played it in LAN games. If you play with AI, so set all of them to "attack", and maybe som theilaxu sub-houses.... It will be a very fast and funny game. have fun, and ROCK ON.



    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2004-02-11 Players » Eight Map Size » 224 * 224 Additional Info » SPINNENBEINE is a German word, and means something like SPIDERFEEDS. the center is the important point, course no one will come to the other without going thru the really small center. HAVE FUN and ROCK ON.
  10. any news? we need a server!!!
  11. hey ho fellas..., glad to see some of the oldies...sup nunu, sup voodoo... i would join again if there would be a server like RA. I am realy looking forward to voodoo... well, if the only problem is a box, i could maybe help, but i realy dont know what to do with that bix in the end. i cant code and i dont know if programming is something to eat or to jerk with :) i could place a box here if someone support and works with it. but i dont have a dedicated line. is it needed? well...have a nice day kalony
  12. too bad man. thats one of the fullest weekends so far this year...i`d be in otherwise...
  13. i have his hotmail messenger addy, but havnt seen him there for ages :( i doubt it will be difficult to set up the hardware somewhere. even i could ask a few ppl. but i dont know anyone who could set it up programing wise. at least not without money :)
  14. harharhar...nunu voodoo cbrick mord....yall were here lately ^^ awesome... well. i installed emp tonight. yeah, realy. and now that i came to get the xwis tool, i see, that ras server is down????? wtf? i dont want hatatchi games. i `d prefer an open server with a who is online page :) RA !!!!! give us the code :) ok. ill try a few skirmish ones to remember the keyboard shortcuts ^^ see you soon on the sand! (hopefuly) kalony
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