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The Revival of Fan Fiction


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My efforts to bring back specific members with Espionage Spinoff have failed, but established EWS and Dragoon Knight, both of whom are now starting their own threads. I'm still posting (and remaining, unlike Ex. Pity, that) and trying to keep it up.

Of course The God Emperor's Dune is gone and locked now; but I'm far from finished.

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Well, if we need a secret weapon, there is always Sedermia. I made it last January in an attempt to get FanFiction going again (it was dead then, so I remember) but it never got off ground. :P

But I have updated it monthly since then and looks much better now than it first was. Complete with a map and castle structures, creatures, some politics, and economics. blah blah blah..

Whatever people want.

I'm sometimes too busy to join any fanfiction things.

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I have actually enjoyed posting on Fan-fic, and find that although it is a Dune site, I find that most of the topics are very interesting, and we get our freedom.  All hail Fed2k, it is a very good site to be a member of.  Now with fanfic, I have always enjoyed reading others stories (imho true fanfic) but it has been fun.  Espionage has been good, and now starting my FF one (please join, it took me bloody ages to write all that detail) and also LOD.  With the right amount of care, this could be very popular.  Might I suggest advertising (MSN names, emails, sigs in other forums) and that may help bring more members into the boards that are Fed2k.

Mature and sensible members and topics, good topics and intersting arguments makes this forum one of the best on the net!

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So preach to us then Ghosty, tell us exactly what you want to happen and we shall follow!


As I said before, get everyone possible interested in Fan Fiction; go from website-to-website spreading the word of our boards. We need to get more members before we crumble.

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Creativity is not bullshit, sticking to the same drawn-out boarders is.

maybe i wasn't clear with what i was trying to say.

what i mean is, if i am coming to read a FICTION:  then i want to see NOTHING BUT FICTION in what i read.  not FICTION MIXED IN WITHIN WITH NORMAL STATEMENTS.  not fiction + ANYTHING "OOC".  just straight 100% FICTION period.

no point trying to read a fiction if people are going to be having "real life conversations" with each other in between posts.    it defeats the entire purpose of reading a story.

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That's something so little and no one else seems to have an issue with it.

Very true,

Posting small messages to modify things and make small comments is nessary to make sure the thread goes over smoothly. It is really not a big deal and if the comments bother you so much than just scroll past them without reading them.

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