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The Revival of Fan Fiction


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well i'll tell you my reason why i don't come here.

1) There were too many threads, i couldn't even make a good choice, and the posters were scattered over the many threads.

2) People type too long posts. I like many but short posts where you tell what happens. Is easier and more interesting to read. Members filling up each other etc.

3) not too many rules. Makes it way too complicated and not realy interesting

4) I also like to write many short posts instead of a few realy long ones.

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yes i understand what you mean. But the problem is that i DO have to follow the threads rules :) . And those usually don't fit me :) . Besides, it costs me just too much time reading the other peoples posts :)

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yes i understand what you mean. But the problem is that i DO have to follow the threads rules :) . And those usually don't fit me :) . Besides, it costs me just too much time reading the other peoples posts :)

You can get around that first problem there by making your own thread. I don't like over-auiting either.

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Ok my fan-fic will be posted shortly but here are the main details.

It is set in the Dune universe but to make it fit in with the timeline Arrakis, Fremen, Sardaukar, or any of the main houses are not included.

Everyone is fighting over a planet (needs a name) which is contains a rare substance (not Spice but something else like rare gems, I'm still working on that).  Each person makes his own house and home planet. 

Home Planet

Home-planets can also be invaded.  Each home-planet is a certain distance away from the main planet where everyone is battling.  This distance is a number between two and ten and this determines the amount of posts it takes for a fleet (on a Guild Heighliner) to move.  Be warned however having a low number isn't as good as it seems as your homeworld is much more vunerable to attack.  Forces cannot travel from homeworld to homeworld but they have to travel through the main planet (think of it as a bus station).

When you are posting about your homeplanet you must include: Name, Distance, and what the planet is like.

Your House 

Your House can be anyone of three types:

Military - Most troops and strongest armours.

Trader - Can obtain troops for themselves cheaper and for their allies at an even cheaper rate. 

Technology - Can produce upgrades which makes new better things available.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and I'm still working on all of them.

Each house is allocated a budget per post (which depends on what type of house they are) which allows them to purchase troops/vehicles etc.  What they can purchase also depends on what house they are.

Any suggestions and helpful hints is welcome especially ideas for the storyline.

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If you want to make this different, perhaps you could change the setting even more than just taking it away from Arrakis. Perhaps fledgling houses, or houses minor, explaining their distance from a single planet. Maybe even renegade houses far far away from Arrakis, attempting to control the planet, source of...


Make the planet the source of the adrenalin-based spice substitute the Honoured Matres found. If not a natural resource then the site of the articficial production? Maybe...

The location and distance ideas are good, though with the ammount of money per post I think you might be over-regulating. In real life we get freedom to bend the rules, perhaps something similar could be incorporated?

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Tony, the thread was closed for a damn good reason.  The thread is great, and I think that those that don't have enough patience and respect to wait until Ghost is ready to resume the game... well, they should put themselves in his place.  What would you feel like if your significant other was in hospital, for whatever reason?  Can you know what Ghost has to do in his life, or how busy it might be?

I would like the thread re-opened too, but I will wait patiently until that time comes.  Until then, as they say in Scotland, hawd yer horses.

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