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Big D

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Now that we have covered the three main houses, the time has come to post your two most favorite subhouses, and why they are your favs. ;)

My favs are: Sardaukar-because of their brute strenght, and because the can replace your weaker infantry later on (light-inf trooper enz).

Second: the Ix. I love using their projectors as defense. As soon as the enemy attacks, I project dozens of the enemy's strongest units (minotaurs/laser tanks enz) and then destroy the enemy units with the projections.

Also the infiltrator can serve as an advanced saboteur, I like them because of the stealth ;)

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I like Ordos, they hit hit hard, they hit fast. They have the cheapest basic tank unit. They believe in neither good nor evil, only in power.

They know that Spice is not a neccesity (like the Atry), they know that Spice is not power (like the Hark), they know that Spice is money, and money is power. Money buys the ships, money buys the weapons, money trains the troops. Spice is just a means of getting money.

They are a joy to play with. Whether commanding a floating carpet of laser-ladden death, or marching mortars across the sand to bombard buildings from afar, or simply setting up a ring of Kobra, Chem and Missle Troopers around a spice field - Ordos is always the most impressive and the most fun to use.

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Great Houses:

I like House Artreides, why I don't know.

But I also like House Ordos because of their lack of morality and high-tech units.


I Like the Fremen and Ixians because they're cool, but if I want an easy win, I always use the Sardaukar and the Ixians.

I just project a couple (10/20)of saurdaukar troops and attack, they're very useful against infantry.

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