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Two Years


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Well tommorow is two years since 9/11. Here are some headlines, showing how united the world was for one horrifying day.



Where were you that day?

Where I was:

I was in school that day, as always. To be exact, Mrs. Secreta's second period Keyboarding class, third row, last seat by the aisle. She had some teacher assistant from the Polisci teacher at the door tell her something and she demanded to know what channel was a news channel. So she ended up on FOX News...

We turned it on time just to see the second plane hit. We thought we were seeing a rerun of the first until the announcer said it was a second plane. I remember thinking "This looks so fake, if they're going to do a movie about planes hitting make it real". Once my intial shock left me, I realized it was really happening.

A few people in the back of the room were high or something, and laughing about it. A few people were crying. A few of us and Mrs. Secreta were talking about how it looked like the towers would eventually fall and that two planes couldn't be an accident.

I walked over to put away my diskette for the day, none of us would get any more work done that period, and as ashamed as I am to admit it, I let loose a string of profanity that would make Jerry Springer tremble.

Then the announcements came on. Mrs Secreta got on the phone to the office, telling them to shut up, while we turned up the TV because we could make out them saying something about the Pentagon. (A week later I was able to hear the story of a man who's the nephew of a woman at church that watched it go in.)

Sure enough the announcements stopped. The bell rang and we switched classes. I went to third period Science, and was told we wouldn't watch the news, that she had scheduled a test and we knew about it, no accident was going to stop that. By the end of third period our Principal came on the intercom, and banned any use of television in the school!

When my mom came to get me at three in the afternoon she had the radio on, for the first time I heard the twin towers fell, leaving me only with memories and pictures of my time once in it.

Once I was home...I watched in silence, hearing everything that the news channels would say...six hours later I finally moved to get the remote, I had had enough of the tragedy...every channel was the attack...even EWTN was praying for the souls of those killed.

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It was about 15 of clock CET, I'd just returned from a shop, with hands full of food, closed the door and then I hear ringing of phone. "Why now?" angrily went trough my head. I placed bags on floor and took the phone, where one my friend yelled with a joyful voice: "Cau Ivan, rychlo si zapni CNN, nejake lietadla vleteli do Svetoveho obchodneho centra, vies, tych dvoch velkych mrakodrapov v New Yorku, a tiez jedno zburalo pol Pentagonu! To je super, uplne ich bombarduju!" I replied in tone like if he's making fun of me or if he finally has Red Alert 2, but then he "no, really!" so I stopped for a short time and quickly went to set my old monochrome tv (cable provider was repairing that day). I could turn on only state's STV 2, but even here I saw the cataclysm. Well, for me it wasn't so enjoying as for my antiamerican friend, but it put a color for day. And even I had a feeling that the day seems to be boring, band of Arabs made rather too enough action...

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I was at a computer and when someone said to me "Hey, a plane crashed in the World Trade Center!", I answered "oh" and didn't even realized. My mind just didn't made the link and I actually had the image of a cesna crashing on a building.

It changed all of a sudden when I saw the images from TV. Then I had much more precise information about what it was about... Even then, it was worst than what I thaught since I didn't knew that the lower structure would collapse and at which point it would affect alot more than just the people where the plane entered the building.

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I returned form lunch break at school to hear classmates say we are at war, and that under attack, trade towers destroyed etc..I didnt beleive them at first, but then when I got home I watched the news for quite a while.

And they haven't found bin laden yet, and he just released another video. wow.

And in that 2 years, the U.S has crushed 2 countries. one per year. good ratio.

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It started out like any other day for me. Several people tried to tell me about the attacks, but I wasn't interested. I only heard something about passenger planes crashing into the WTC, and thought it was some sort of stupid pilot error.

Eventually I turned on the TV and switched over to CNN to see what all the excitement was about. In a few seconds, I was completely terrified. Not by the attacks themselves, but by their possible consequences. I was almost certain that Bush would respond by ordering instant retaliation against some scape goat country, maybe even using nukes. I thought it was the start of WW3.

I was relieved to see that Bush handled the crisis admirabely. Of course, at that time I didn't know about everything that he was going to do afterwards...

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I mentioned eighty nations earlier. here's a list, and a link to a map with the nations shaded in.

Antigua & Barbuda

















Costa Rica

Czech Republic


Dominican Republic Ecuador


El Salvador









Hong Kong








Japan Jordan







The Netherlands

New Zealand












Slovakia South Africa

South Korea


Sri Lanka

St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Lucia





Trinidad & Tobago



United Kingdom

United States of America







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It was kinda funny how I found out. I was at golf practice. I had one of the worst days ever (wont go into detail >:(). Before we were going to go back to school, someone came up to me and said plains crashed into the WTC. I blew it off like it was nothing. When I got to school I found out what really happened, I couldn't beleve it. :O That whole day was just whaching CNN on TV.

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Yeah, Sept 11 was kinda like when JFK was assasinated...everyone remembers where /what they were doing when it happened or when they heard the news. (just comparing it to JFK as that is one of the most recent best examples.)

Challenger explosion is usually considered one of those moments as well.

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On a day like this, with all this attention to 9/11, I think extra hard about all other victims of human-terror. Those that died before, during and after 9/11/01 in other parts of the world. I think to myself why does everyone find those 3000 so importent, more importent than the >3000 that die in Africa EVERY day. The >3000 that die in Asia EVERY day. And when I do this, I feel sad. Very sad.

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1) It was such a shock that such a thing could happen

2) Because we are closer to those people than those in Africa and Asia.

It's human nature to feel that way. Same reson why you cry at your grandmothers funeral, but don't when you hear some 6th cousin of your died.

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I was in my first hour chemestry class. The principal came over the intercome and said we would have a moment of silence for all those killed in the terror attacks on the WTC and the pentagon. I had an early morning class at school, so I had not heard about it yet, and when he said the WTC, i thought it was something like what happened in the 80's, some guy with a dynamite vest on walked into the building.

My friends and I were kinda pissed for the rest of 1st hour, because none of us knew what was going on. the bell rang and I got up to go to my 2nd hour trig class. my trig teacher had CNN on, and I walked through the door just barly in time to see the 2nd plane hit. most of the rest of the day we just watched CNN.

There was one kid in my 3rd hour who likes to pretend he is some kind of revolutionary or something, and he was laughing and applauding the terrorists when I walked into that class. Stupid bastard. One of my good friends had to catch my arm, otherwise I would have beat the hell out of the kid.

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On a day like this, with all this attention to 9/11, I think extra hard about all other victims of human-terror. Those that died before, during and after 9/11/01 in other parts of the world. I think to myself why does everyone find those 3000 so importent, more importent than the >3000 that die in Africa EVERY day. The >3000 that die in Asia EVERY day. And when I do this, I feel sad. Very sad.

Excactly the answer I hoped for. With me not living in the US and the incident happening 2 years ago. I just can't give a fuck about it. Thats what I'm thinking about 9/11/2001 WTC New York US: NOTHING.

And you think your not giving a fuck makes anyone angry? Sorry it doesn't. And yes, I do think about those that die in terrorist attacks around the world. However, I find it interesting you don't care that there were Dutch victims on 9/11.


Israel (almost all the time)




The list could go on and on...

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I was sorting out some cupboards, and someone came up to me and told me; I wasn't sure what had actually happened until I got to a television an hour or so later, and realised what had happened, then saw the second plane hit.

I thought of many things: come-uppance (in a cynically satisfied frame of mind, especially since the buildings struck were financial centres), slight annoyance (as I've said so often before, hundreds of thousands die pointlessly every day elsewhere, so the number count didn't mean much).

Interesting, however, that the US sees it (or displays it) as an attack on its people (and it probably inserts all the usual self-righteous "attack on liberty, freedom, democracy, etc"), whereas there could have been better targets, I'm sure, if kill count was the effect desired. No, the places hit were a place from which the US' economic dominance is partly maintained, and a place from which the US' military dominance is maintained.

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the terrorists goals were not to disrupt our economy or military by taking out vital economic centers. it was shock effect. it doesnt matter if the pentagon was completely destroyed, that would not have all that much of an effect on our military in the long run. yes, communications would be down for a little while, but that is pretty much it. and if they wanted to hit economic centers, there are places that would have a lot bigger impact than the WTC. the NYSE for example. the terrorists plot was just shock value, nothing more.

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I agree in part; I do not suggest that the attacks were intended to seriously incapacitate any part of the US. The point was indeed shock, and not only that, but shock with a point: singling out not a residential building, but places with specific purposes; those perceived to be the means of the US' stranglehold on the world.

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I rember where I was.......

I was sitting in Mrs.Newman's 8th hour History class. The period started just as it always did, we started working and like half an hour before the end of the day Mr.Rankhorn, another teacher walked in and talked to Mrs.Newman. I thought nothing of it until she told us that Mr.Rankhorn had something to say.

He sat down on the teachers desk and looked really at a loss of words. Than he started talkin

i dont rember what he said exactally but it was something like "This afternoon a plane crashed into the World Trade Center" Right after he finished speaking almost the entire class put there hands up. We were asking him questions like "what happened" and "was it an accident" and other questions and he said he dident know, nobody knew. We talked for the rest of the period and than class was let out and I quickly ran home. When I walked in the tv was already on, both of my parents were sitting watching. My mother was in tears and my father was lookin horror struck.

A few moments before I had walked in the door my dad was watching tv and flipped on to the news, he saw that a plane hit the building and thought it was an accident and called in my mom and they were watching and than the second plane smacked into the building. They saw it happen live, I come in thinkin I know something they dont and want to tell them and find that another plane hit and that it was no accident.

I sat and watched tv for the rest of the day, completely blew off my homework....

I was really in denial that any of this had happend, i just couldent believe that somebody would antentionally do this.

I will rember this for the rest of my life, I will rember as the buildings crashed to the ground killing thousands.......

And a few days after the attacks I became less sad and more angry, angry at all those dam terriorists and wanted revenge. All I wanted was to see was troops go in and destroy all those waists of skin.

That day changed me forever, not only me but so many others.......

We will always rember...........

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