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  1. I will look over the posts and see how things are going and try to join in a little while.
  2. Damnit, why is it that every time my friggen computer goes spazy on me and wont let me online, This place gets another good House Battle going? Does Fed2k just not want me in House battles or something!?
  3. Azid sit in the deep cavern meditating, as he had been doing almost constantly for the past several years. He had come up to the mountains after slaying a group of knights that had fallen upon his clan years ago. Azid did not like to hurt people, and he did not want to fight anymore, but he knew in his heart that he would have to fight again soon. As he sat in silence, contemplating the meaning of life, he heard a noise beside him. He turned to look, and he saw his sword seem to lift up on its own accord, and it flew across the cavern to hover right in fron of his face. As he watched, the sword burt into flame, and grew longer, becoming Silvrenaur, the Fireblade, sword of the Red Dragoon Knight. A voice seemed to eminate from the center of the blade, and spoke directly into Azids head. "The time of unification is nigh. It is time for the Dragoons to ride again, to the aid of justice and righteousness. Go now west to Mount Ispul, and prepare yourself for the coming trials..." As the voice died away, a small jet of flame shot itself away from the pommel of the sword, and flew west towards Mount Ispul. The flame surrounding the sword died away, and Azids normal sword clattered to the ground unremarkably. His old tattered cloths had seemingly been replaiced by a new, firey red gi and sash. Azid felt remarkably calm, and ready for the coming events as he got up and headed into the west...
  4. Ok, honostly, im to tired to care right now. I will take the fire spirit. My story is remaining exactly the same, I will just substitute colors and words where appropriate. I just do not have the energy to argue at this tieme in the morning today, and I have to much other shit going on to make myself care enough to argue, so i'll just have fire.
  5. I IMed my stuff to dragoon knight like a day or two ago, he has not been on yet to reply, so I just posted it. It has been in his IM inbox thingie for a day or two already now though
  6. Yes, I know, darkness is taken, by me, bwahahahahahaha :D
  7. Scrinlord


    agreed, I love the Demo, I will be getting this game for sure when It comes out. It is so much fun, I cant wait to play through the whole game. I cant tell for sure, but it seems like the game would have pretty decent modding capabilites, and Im sure that some really cool mods could come of it as well.
  8. Idont have a lot of programin experiance, but can I help be an Ideas man? ;D
  9. Ok, I IM'ed this to Dragoon Knight yesterday, and I will post it now.
  10. I will give it a try, but I dont know how it works, I have just never been able to have fun playing Final Fantasy...
  11. I really dont know how much I would be interested. I would probably sit out for a while before jumping in. From what I can tell, most Final Fantasy games have awesome stories, but I have always hated the gameplay, and so I quit before getting into the game to far because the gameplay just sucks. I was with my friend when he beat FFX, and it seemed ok, but other than that I just dont know.
  12. Yes Yes, buy the entire series, GREAT books all. MUCH MUCH better than the movies. (I still want to be Ginaz if possible :D )
  13. I am working on a back story. I am going to see if I can have either the fire or the darkness spirit
  14. It is a cool concept. How would you be writing the story? Would it follow a main character, or more profile the destruction of the human race as a whole?
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