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  1. Last night we played a little play of BF42 and guess someone won (it was Doc by the way) I love it how we can just shoot people we know for no other reason than that they are on the opposite side (or they simply get in our way ;D ) We always have alot of fun, even when Doc wins on his own and he has 3 opponents ... It's all about having fun, so if there are peeps out there that are willing to join the GH clan members in a friendly (or not so friendly ;)) shoot-up, feel free to join us. Like stated, we convene every friday. THIS THREAD holds all the information about where to find us. Hope to see some new faces soon.
  2. yeah, the Devs call it a slight bug in the patch ... and are asking for a few weeks of testing ... hell no ... even the VS on the boards are stating that it's not equal like this .... check www.planetsidestats.com for the full stats of servers and since the patch has been introduced on the 17th the VS have been winning on all 3 servers .... now THAT isn't even funny anymore .... there have been tyalks of TR and NC just battling each other instead of engaging VS .. which sounds like a plan to me ...
  3. gosh golly gee ... this is all very interesting ..... :O
  4. Oh, Just when I thought I saw it all ... Canada shows me differently ... L ;DL
  5. Xcuse me, but WHAT is so intelligent if you support the number 1 killer of TX ??
  6. This sounds very perculiar. :O I have only seen this once and I can't remember what was done to solve this ... sorry .... :-[
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