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  1. DooM

    Ai editing?

    Incapable? No... But it will sure be a lot of effort to accomplish it, if it's even possible...
  2. Hey mister, check this out: http://www.dune2k.com/forum/index.php?topic=13919.0
  3. Mostly it would also be possible to just order it at a local gamestore, I once did that with Final DooM at replay... Sometimes they can still order "old" games which other stores claim to be unavailable :P
  4. As for the comparisation to Dune2000, they're both good, but I think Emperor is a lot better, but that is just my opinion. Here are some Emperor vs. Dune2000 things: 3D graphics vs. 2D graphics (not that it matters that much, 2D can be good too, and is in case of Dune2000) much variaty between houses vs. almost no variaty (except for the looks and voices) non linear vs. linear sequel to Dune 2 vs. remake of Dune 2 4 planets (Geide Prime, Sigma Draconis, Caladan and ofcourse Arakis) vs. 1 planet But, just buy 'em both! ;D If you don't have Dune 2000 that is :P
  5. Time for a little update Warcraft 3 the frozen throne, or Reign of Chaos if the other player doesn't have froze throne... (custom games, mainly TD's) C&C Generals Emperor Battle for Dune Dune 2000 C&C Red Alert 2 UT (not 2003 or 2004, just plain old UT) Unreal Battle Realms Kiss Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child Mario Kart (with SNES emulator) Soldier of Fortune Platimun C&C Tiberean Sun So in short: Removed C&C Red Alert because it doesn't run for me on XP Removed Pain Killer because I have no CD key anyway Added Reign of Chaos for the people who don't have Frozen Throne Adde
  6. Well, he sure is right, any developer could try to secure the rights, and I'd rather see that happen than a new Dune RTS by EA games... It would be to Dune what Generals is to C&C, it's nice, but doesn't deserve the name because it has nothing to do with series it's named after... And with EA, it'll probably be way too easy... I finished Generals on Brutal the very first time I played it, and I think that is a bad thing, I want a chalange, just like any demanding gamer like me.
  7. out of sync mostley means that you or the other one is too slow, or does not respond, I mean that is in most games, I'm not sure if this aplies to emperor too...
  8. DooM

    How Long?

    Why would he need a hat anyway? Maybe he can steal one himself in the local sports shop ;)
  9. DooM


    A very good example of a game with which the console version is way better than the pc version is Exteme-G 2, on PC is fun, but on N64 it's awsome, the PC version lacks quite some stuff like multiplayer and decent controls... And I'm sure that that isn't the only game which is better on console than on PC, but there is still 1 little thing I never understood: Why did they release C&C on N64, redalert on PSX and Dune2 on Genesis? And even more RTS games on any console? RTS games are just unplayable without a friggin' mouse, just like FPS games, ever player Quake 3 on PS2? It may look fine,
  10. DooM

    Far Cry

    Try updating your graphics driver... it should run pretty decent on a Geforce FX 5600... Or update the game if updating the driver isn't enough... Or if anything else fails, you can always cut down the details...
  11. DooM


    I will ever keep saying this: DooM is the best game ever! No other game has ever kept me hooked to it for 10 years, and I don't believe any other game will ever do that to me, I play it ever since the end of 1993 and I still play at least once a week, sometimes more, and I can still play it for hours on and on.
  12. DooM

    Doom III

    Those people can't be called game addicts anymore, they are just plane lunatics... They're insane... I'm just 20 years old, I do play a lot of video games and I still live with my parents who call me an insane addict, but I would be nothing compared to those you describe mr. Gunwounds.
  13. Not really for the moment, my connection is being a bit shitty lately, but that'll change again...I hope, maybe later.
  14. Well, whenever you get to the open space, he won't get another chance to hit you... But it does take quite a lot of firepower to take him down...
  15. DooM

    Doom III

    Well, to add my opinion, I think DooM 3 is the second best game ID ever released, I say second best, because no game has ever given me the experience I had with the first DooM game... I mean, DooM has been with us for over 10 years now, I played it from the beginning and I still play it every now and then, no other game has got me to playing it for such a long time, and I doubt DooM 3 will... For all other games, I like them all except for Quake 3 and RTCW, them for being a bit too boring for me... And I strongly disagree on Quake 3 having good graphics... The engine may be good, but I think Q
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