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A list of all Dune books and related work


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EDIT: A different but more comprehensive version can now be found at www.solahpmo.com

The bulk of this list was started by me and principally Vanguard. Feel free to mention/edit anything that's not in. I hope some will find it useful for reference or to look further (or simply fool around :))

(see also FED2k interviews and wikipedians who found newspaper articles and whatnot)

Dune works by Frank Herbert:

1. Dune

2. Dune Messiah

3. Children of Dune

4. God Emperor of Dune

5. Heretics of Dune

6. Chapterhouse Dune

7. The Road to Arrakeen (short story found in the "Eye" anthology)

8. Songs of Muad'Dib (contains Dune-related poetry)

9. Spice Planet (published postmortem in "The Road to Dune")

10. Dune/Dune Messiah "Unpublished Scenes and Chapters" (published postmortem in "The Road to Dune")

11. Dune 7 outline and notes (never published, available information given by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson)

The Prequels and final Dune novels, by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson:

1. Dogged Persistence (contains "Whispers of Caladan Seas")

2. House Atreides

3. House Harkonnen

4. House Corrino

5. Hunting Harkonnens

6. The Butlerian Jihad

7. Whipping Mek (PDF format)

8. The Machine Crusade

9. The Faces Of a Martyr (PDF format)

10. The Battle of Corrin

11. Hunters of Dune

12. Sandworms of Dune

13. Paul of Dune

14. Paul of Dune 2*

15. Paul of Dune 3*

(* not yet released)

Writings and essays about Dune:

1. McLean, Susan. A Question of Balance: Death and Immortality in Frank Herbert's Dune Series. Death and the Serpent: Immortality in Science Fiction and Fantasy. (1985) 235.

2. Palumbo, Donald. The monomyth as fractal pattern in Frank Herbert's Dune novels.

3. Reilly, Robert. The Transcendent Adventure : Studies of Religion in Science Fiction/Fantasy. Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1985. 266.

4. Touponce, William F. Frank Herbert. Boston: Twayne Publishers, 1988. p.136.

5. DiTommaso, Lorenzo. History and Historical Effect in Frank Herbert's Dune. Science Fiction Studies, #58-Volume 19, Part3=November 1992.


6. O'Reilly, Tim. Frank Herbert. Frederick Ungar, 1981.


7. The Maker of Dune - Frank Herbert

8. Dune's origins and influence (and Frank Herbert's inspiration)


9. Dune Review by Nicholas Whyte (w/ some material, + list of good reviews on the web)


10. FED2k essays: http://www.dune2k.com/?page=community-articles

11. Few articles: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Hollow/6363/duenc.htm

12. The Science of Dune - Kevin R. Grazier (Editor)


1. The Dune Encyclopedia - Dr. Willis E. McNelly

2. Is the Dune Encyclopedia canon? (and more comments from McNelly)

3. Dr. McNelly's "Butlerian Jihad" (aborted)

4. Fullerton University's Special Collections Library (including the Frank Herbert archive) - Dr. Willis E. McNelly co.

5. National Lampoon's Doon - Ellis Wiener

6. Dreamer of Dune: The Biography of Frank Herbert - Brian Herbert

7. The Road to Dune (material both from Frank Herbert and from the Brian Herbert-Kevin J. Anderson duo) - Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson (editors)

8. Letters of Dune (letters concerning the difficulties related with Dune's publication - published postmortem in "The Road to Dune")

9. Dune Timeline - Dr. Attila Torkos

10. Willis McNelly's eulogy at Frank Herbert's funeral

11. Interview with Frank Herbert and his wife Beverley (by Willis McNelly, 1969)

12. Interview (Mother Earth News, 1981)

13. Interviews here too


with Frank Herbert


1. Dune (1986) - David Lynch (with Frank Herbert not far)

2. Alaxandro Jodorowski's Dune project (late 70's. Never came to fruition)

3. Frank Herbert's Dune (2000) - Written and directed by John Harrison.

4. Children of Dune (2003) - Written by John Harrison, directed by Greg Yaitanes.

5. Dune (2001-2008) - eight-hours Spanish fan film (cancelled for copyrights)

6. Dune movie (2010) - Written by Josh Zetumer, directed by Peter Berg.


1. Dune (1992) - Cryo

2. Dune 2: The Building of a Dynasty (1992? Called Dune: The Battle for Arrakis on the Sega Genesis) - Westwood

3. Dune 2000 (1998) - Westwood

4. Emperor: Battle for Dune (2001) - Westwood

5. Frank Herbert's Dune (2001?) -

6. Dune Generations - Cryo Studios (never came to fruition)

7. Avalon Hill's Dune Board game

8. Eye of the Storm (collectible card game)

9. Frank Herbert's Dune : Ornithopter Assault (GameBoy Advanced - never released)

10. Plastic Dune models ;D

Fanfic by FED2k members

1. Anomaly - Davidu

2. Legacy (fan-made prequel) - Adrian N (A.K.A. Vanguard3000)

3. I, Scytale - Edward St.Boniface [Abelian]

Fanfic by others

1. Elixir - Alan Sullivan

2. The Pearls of Poritrin - Alan Sullivan

3. Dune Revenant (fan-made Dune 7) - William Mitchell

4. Dune 7: Advent - Marco van Leeuwen

Other Frank Herbert works*

1. The Pandora books

   Destination: Void (prequel/intro, 1956)

   The Jesus Incident (1978, with Bill Ransom)

   The Lazarus Effect (1983, with Bill Ransom)

   The Ascension Factor (1988, with Bill Ransom)

2. The Whipping Star books

   The Whipping Star (1970)

   The Dosadi Experiment (1977)

   The Tactful Saboteur (short story in "Eye", 1985)

   A Matter of Traces (short story set in the WS universe found in "Eye", 1985)

3. Novels

   The Dragon in the Sea / Under Pressure / 21st Century Sub (1956)

   The Green Brain (1966)

   The Eyes of Heisenberg (1966)

   The Santaroga Barrier (1967)

   The Heaven Makers (1968)

   Soul Catcher (1971)

   The Godmakers (1972)

   Hellstrom's Hive (1973)

   Eclipse (?) (1978, with Bryan Brewer)

   Direct Descent (1980)

   The White Plague (1982)

   Man of Two Worlds (1986, with Brian Herbert)

4. Short stories

   Looking for Something? (1952)           

   The Gone Dogs (1954)           

   Nightmare Blues (1954)         

   Operation Syndrome (1954)               

   Occupation Force (1955)         

   Rat Race (1955)         

   Dragon in the Sea (excerpt, 1956)               

   Cease Fire (1958)               

   A Matter of Traces (1958)               

   Old Rambling House (1958)               

   Egg and Ashes (1960)           

   Marie Celeste Move (1960)               

   The Priests of Psi (1960)               

   A-W-F, Unlimited (1961)         

   Mating Call (1961)             

   Try to Remember! (1961)         

   Mindfield (1962)               

   The Tactful Saboteur (1964)             

   Committee of the Whole (1965)           

   Dune (excerpt, 1965)           

   The GM Effect (1965)           

   Greenslaves (1965)             

   By the Book (1966)             

   Escape Felicity (1966)         

   The Primitives (1966)           

   The Featherbedders (1967)               

   The Heaven Makers (1967)               

   The Being Machine (1969)               

   Murder Will In (1970)           

   Seed Stock (1970)               

   Carthage: Reflections of a Martian (1971)

   Death of a City (1973)         

   Encounter in a Lonely Place (1973)             

   Gambling Device (1973)         

   The Nothing (1973)             

   Passage for Piano (1973)               

   Frogs and Scientists (1979)

   Eye (anthology with new material, 1985)

5. Non fiction

   Survival and the Atom (1952)

   New World or No World (1970)

   Threshold: The Blue Angels Experience (1973)

   Without Me You're Nothing: The Essential Guide to Home Computers (1980, with Max Barnard)

   The Notebooks of Frank Herbert's Dune (1988, with Brian Herbert)

   They Stopped the Moving Sands (published postmortem in "The Road to Dune", 2006)

   Nebula Winners Fifteen (Editor)

(*This is mostly pasted from Amazon, with later check here where there are also the books' descriptions and covers)

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CCG means "collectible card game". They're like Magic/Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh/Marvel Overpower cards. I think the main set is called "Eye of the Storm", and there are a few add-on sets as well.

The Dune Tarot was a thing from the books. People would use it to allow them to see the future (I guess like the Tarot cards we have today, although they were depicted as being hexagonal metal plates that would interlock like tiles in the COD miniseries. Mohaim used them a few times). The Dune Encyclopaedia shows pictures of a few of the cards, but other than that, nothing is known about them.

And Sardaukar2K doesn't have a website yet. Go here for some info, though.

Egeides, I'll update your list with some more info and URLs for you.

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Well perhaps we should place it in mods (is it a mod?) so we keep commercial games in "Games".

Except if you have a reason for not having it done, I'll write CCG in its long version, since probably many wont know what it is. Does this card game have a name or it's really called "Dune CCG"? About the Tarot, I knew what it was in the Duniverse, silly :D

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Woa... this is getting complicated to classify since I had in mind to also add as complement what has to do with Herbert, such as his novels and essais about them. Eyes of Heisenberg and such also have a link to Dune since they get to see more of Herbert's ideas.

Perhaps everything that has to do with the games should go on the Dune games forum.

Besides, I'm not sure we should separate what's from FED2k from what's not. It's just adding a division, and complicating to find all things of same type under one place.


I now went on Amazon and typed "frank herbert". the result is a whole mess of results, many of them vaguely known from me. So if anyone wants to give a check the "Other Frank herbert works" section...

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you missed alot of frank herberts other works and in between legends of dune and dune 7 theres also that series of paul atriedies youth growing up on caladan, that will be a series(3 novels) dune 7 will also be 3 novels which will lead up to the main event, it kindof ticks me off how theyre milking the dune universe for all its worth i know frank herbert would have ended it all in one novel not three

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you missed alot of frank herberts other works and in between legends of dune and dune 7 theres also that series of paul atriedies youth growing up on caladan, that will be a series(3 novels) dune 7 will also be 3 novels which will lead up to the main event, it kindof ticks me off how theyre milking the dune universe for all its worth i know frank herbert would have ended it all in one novel not three

Yes, that kinda pisses me off too. But if you think about it Herbert kinda had trilogies, although better trilogies.

Dune, Dune messiah, CoD then

GEoD, Heretics and chapterhouse. It is possible that herbert coudl have made 3 more books although i doubt they would all be in the same time period as herberts books varied some thousands of years.

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