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A list of all Dune books and related work


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Not "work" exactly (though I did find the comparison of the politics of the Duniverse to current drug cartels interesting), but pretty funny through most of it (particularly check out the links at the bottom regarding Kevin J. Asshole and "That Time I Was Nearly Raped by Feyd Rautha Harkonnen During my Sojourn in Dune"): The Uncyclopdia's review of Dune.

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In the first post, which one is the official novel about Dune? How many of all of them actually?

And the movie, is it based on novel or just related to the novel or not-related at all. I was in primary school when I playing Dune 2000, and I never know about the novel or movies.

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I don't really know what you mean by "official", but the original works by Frank Herbert are listed in the beginning. There are six novels, a short story, some poetry, and rejected chapters and scenes that were published later.

The film is based on the first novel but is much of a "creative interpretation" by Lynch, meaning that is diverges from the original text in quite a few aspects. There's also a miniseries that tries to follow the book much closer most of the time.

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Frank Herbert stated in an interview he was working on a screenplay for the sequel to Dune. Another work Frank mentions in the interview is his outline for Dune 7.


Dune7Outline (2).jpg

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