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A list of all Dune books and related work


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Dear Vanguard,

Would you consider putting a fan fiction link onto your excellent list? I have written a life of Scytale the Face Dancer and am keen to share it with fellow Duneophiles and I'd be honoured to be included. The text of the novel is on a website of my design at:


if you do read it I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did the writing of it! Best regards!

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That's what she said.

And yet it was still the best your mom ever had.

Anyway, I've added those two books for you, 'Newt, and stickied the thread.  I also added a bunch of fanfics made by non-Fed2K members (I could have sworn I added these before), and put links in 'Fanfic by FED2K Members' to Davidu's Anomaly, as well as my Legacy.  I had totally forgotten about that old piece...

And Andrew:  I win.

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