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The God Emperor's Dune


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This is LUDICRIS! How the hell can you kill hundreds of millions of soldiers when your SURRONDED? With 150 legions you still couldn't do that! This is absurd, to be backed by the fact that I had BATTLESHIPS which defeats ANYWAY of the Guild being able to come in anyway...I wasn't god modding either..He came to me! Now I get jacked?

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Take a break. The coin has been flipped.

Here is the current state of affairs; after this you may post again.

1) The Emperor's army has lost the battle with the Ixians.

2) The Emperor himself is still in the Heighliner above Ix, and will be for about an hour or two. Navigators can't just hop around willy nilly.

3) Ghanima is doing weird things on Arrakis, I for one certainly don't know what.

4) All relations resume as they were, with the exception of the Ixians, who now seem to be on hostile relations with the Emperor.

Right, lets go and try to be nice. . .

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"Wasn't even a compitition, we massacred the fools M'lord." The Mentat and the Earl gazed out at the remainders of the battle, both soaked in the details.

"M'lord, we can dispose of him NOW if we move our space fleet and destroy the hieghliner." The Earl only turned grimmly to his advisor.

"We will do no such thing but broadcast a message to the whole Imperium.


Today, Emperor Leto II, Ruler of the Atreides throne wished to have a unschedualed meeting with me. Upon arriving to our meeting wicth I was no prepared for I was greeted by the threat of four legions of Imperial fish speakers. They let out the first shot and I was greeted by thirty-six more legions, it was a trap bent on destroying the Vernius production lines possibly for the Emperors own benefit. Nonetheless, IXian forces were quick to react and the enemy was nuetrallized, I urge you to stand up, militeristicly or diplomaticly against this outburst. And dear Emperor, if you wish to take any further military actions against me, well you shall see a repeat.

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The clean-up began, despite the quick battle the Fish-Speakers had managed to dish out some heavy damage to the city.

Message to Sardukar:

[hide] The attack was quick, your training helped us out immensly, I am PERSONALLY sending you a preasent as my token of appreciation..[/hide]

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Message to the Great Houses of the Known Universe from Emperor Leto Atrides II of Arrakis:

My fellow humans, today I have suffered a grevious occurance. I visited the Earl of House Vernius so that I could discuss expanding the holdings of House Vernius with him. He blantly refused and insulted me and then sprang a trap made to hold me. His trap failed at the cost of hundreds of non-Ixian lives. This has caused me to view the standing relations between many Great Houses in more detail. What I have seen grieves me. I have found that it is not only House Vernius who stands against me but others as well.

My father and aunt left me an Imperium on the verge of collapse and House Vernius's actions have shown to me how large a breach exists in the Imperium.

I ask that any and all Great Houses and Factions that are still loyal to the Imperial Throne send representation to Arrakis at once. What I seek in the Imperium is peace.

I do not want war.

I want peace.

But if war is the only way to reunify the Imperium then so be it. If you do not stand with me you stand against me.

The only groups that is not going to be forced to choose is the Spacing Guild and the Suk.

All others must choose.

I wish it did not have to come to this but it seems like it may have to.

Respectfull yours,

Emperor Leto Atreides II of Arrakis.

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The Sardukar leader look blankly down onto the table where a message from the Ixians awaited. Not sure what he was supposed to presume he took a long breath and reached over slowly opening it.


"As I said, I owe you, here is the sign of my gratitude." Two picutres fell out and onto the floor, picking them up he looked over them and saw two planets with small text over them saying; "Corrino planet one, Corrino planet two."

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Stilgar crept up behind Ghanima. He had to do this for the sake of everyone in the palace. He readied his weapon and prepared to strike. She wouldnt know what hit her and hopefully everything would be better afterwards.

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After the recent fighting, the Lord Burebista arrived at the Capital on Apulum. His vacation was over.

- What shall I do? The Sardaukar are good friends. They are allied with the Ixians. The Emperor is the Emperor, but he raised the taxes too high. Who should I support? I must make a stand.

- Sir, you should consider the power you would gain if you would participate in the war against the Emperor and win. If you support the Emperor and win, he won't reward you too much.

- I know that, but should I be loyal to the Emperor, or to the ixians. I don't know the Ixians. They now claim the throne - that's what they want. That's a little bit arrogant. I'll write a message to the Emperor:

[hide]Honorable Emperor Padisah LetoII Atreides, House Sarmizegetusa wants peace as well, but does not want to interfere in this conflict. This conflict seems to be only between House Atreides and House Vernius, so I don't think this is any concern of the Imperium, you should settle this as a kanly or anything as between any two Houses. If you draw all the Houses in the Conflict then it will be Civil War, and that doesen't mean peace by any standards. If there will be war waged against House Vernius I am sure they will destroy their production lines before falling into Atreides hands. And this will be catastrophic, as House Richesse won't be able to raise the production to such a level.

Sincerely Lord Burebista


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Taraza remains on Arrakis, as she should.

Message to all apart from Emperor;

[hide] The Emperor's spice stockpiles are rigged with atomics. We have missed our chance. Arrakis is still partly desert, so if the Emperor dies then harvesting may resume. This may be our only option if the spice stockpiles are destroyed. A small volume of this spice has been smuggled off the planet by spies, this shall be handed out to allies, there is a container with this message. In the meantime, there is a military plan. We have seen that war may soon be inevitable. We have two Face Dancers and a small company of Sardaukar, not to mention our own abilities... This has given us... oppertuities. When the time is right, all shall be revealed. [/hide]

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Stilgar launched his attack on Ghanima.

She was soaked to the bone.

She turned around and there was Stilgar holding a bucket and laughing his head off.

She was furious and was about to do something when her brother walked in.

And the look on his face caused her to be silent.

Leto II spoke up:

"I want all outsiders off of Arrakis within the week. Before each leaves do a genetics test, there are two, if not more, Face Dancers here.

And Ghanima, remember what happened to Salusa Secundus?"

Ghanima nodded.

"Prepare Arrakis to be the same if we lose. If we lose the upcoming fight then I want the Imperium to stop. And do it quietly, I dont want the Bene Gesserit to realise this, I think they have outlived their usefullness."

He walked out of the room leaving total silence behind him. Silence that quickly became duty and business.

Arrakis geared for war.

Message to the Great Houses:

Any and all who give me theyre full support in the coming conflict will be given the right to mine spice on Arrakis for ten standard years. Any spice mined during this time will not be taxed in the least. Those that mine the spice will not be bothered by sandworms. Any harvesters seen mining without Imperial Permission will be destroyed by sandworms. I again request that any who support me send their representatives to Arrakis within three Standard Weeks of recieveing this message. I await any and all who will come.

Respectfully yours,

Leto Atreides II

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The events scared the Lord.

"NO! Not a war!"

- Call the Ministry of Defence! the Lord shouted at his scretary.

- Yes, sir, right away!

After a few moments the Ministry of Defence entered the room along with the members of the family, the council and the other Ministers.

- We need to make a choice. It is a choise I don't want to make, but I need to make it.

- What is it?

- We're all going to wage war if nothing is going to change. I would take the part of the Emperor, it is my duty! I would also take the part of the Ixians 'cause they are somewhat wright. The taxes are too high, the spice is going to dissapear and then all the trade, all the travel between stars will cease to exist. That will kill us all. If I do nothing then I'll be destroyed by both sides. If I do nothing I'll be to blame for what it is about to happend.

- Well, what are you going to do?

- Continue recruting men, but don't release an of them. I don't want anyone off-duty. Increase their training courses. And be ready to call the population to arms. I'll try to conciliate the two sides.

To House Atreides:

[hide]Honorable Emperor Padishah LetoII Atreides, there must be a way to avoid the war. Please to Apulum with only a personal escort (no more than 30 soldiers). I will protect you as well as all the other leaders that will arrive. Please consider this as a way of avoiding a very costing war. [/hide]

To the Imperium

[hide] To all the Great Houses and Political Factions in the Imperium - their leaders are expected on Apulum with an escort of max 30 soldiers. Through this... summit I am trying to avoid the breaking of this damned war.[/hide]

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To Lord Burebista,

[hide] Do you not think that I have spent day in and day out trying to find a way to avoid war? Do you think that I want to destroy the Imperium? I do not. What I want is a peace between us all. I will attend your confrence. My escort will be Ghanima, Farad'n, Duncan Idaho, Stilgar, Gurney Halleck, my grandmother, 12 Fedaykin and 12 Fish Speakers.

I will be there in one week.


Leto II


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The Bene Gesserit shall be there. We shall take our escort, you do not need to know who they shall be.

Message to the Emperor Atreides;

We request that you return to the sisterhood two personalities that rightfully are ours. The Lady Jessica and Farad'n both became Bene Gesserit by choice, and now we call them back. This is not a political move, neither is it determined to undermine you in any way. But, if these people are not returned to their rightful place with us, they may... partake in events that we would not wish them to.

Remember, they are Bene Gesserit.

With Respects, Mother Superior Taraza.

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To the Bene Gesserit,

My grandmother renounced you years ago and as of such neither she nor Farad'n are Bene Gesserit. As for Farad'n himself I think that my wife might have something to say about that.


Leto II

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Reply to the Emperor;

One cannot renounce the Bene Gesserit. One can leave them, ignore them and disobey them but once you have willingly joined you are inexorably Bene Gesserit and as such are duty-bound to come back to the Sisterhood when they call.

If you fear for their safety I can assure you absolutely that we mean no harm to them in any way whatsoever. We merely wish the return of that which rightfully by law belongs to us.

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- Sir, we have great news!

- That being...

- The Emperor is going to attand our summit. And the Bene Gesserit!

- What about the Ixians? Thay have to attend!

- No answer so far sir.

- Well, we have to prepare accaomodation places for the guests, as well as a conference hall that would house everybody. Contact our architects and request them to design everything. I want everything up in a few days.

- Yes sir.

The Lord was happy that he has the chance to at least try to preserve the peace that seems to fragile. His army was steadily growing, and the soldiers were better and better trained. Soon they will have a word to say in military as well. Even so, the Lord wanted to use diplomacy instead of the Army.

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Enroute to the Summit Leto II glanced over is enterouge and grimaced. He couldnt help but have a feeling that he was walking into antoher trap. but this time he was prepared for it more than he had ever been before.

he was ready for either peace or war.

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Lord Burebista had tightened the security. All people that arrived on Apulum were searched, and after that they were under constant observation by the security services. The Lord wanted to make this summit into a real safe place, a place for negotiating peace, not war.

House Sarmizegetusa summoned the Ixians once more to come to the conference.

- If they don't come, then they're cowards. And then I'll join the Emperor.

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One high ranking officer aproaches the Lord with a shiga page.

- Sir. Plase take a look at this.

The Lord takes the object and reads the message.

- Well, that's good enough, though I have called for the leaders. i hope that the Emperor won't feel ofended because of this. Anyone else?

- Apart from The Emperor, The Bene Gesserit, and House Vernius no on else.

- Try to call for the Sardaukar, House Ghobey, Makarios and all the others.

*** Is anyone here House Harkonnen? We'd need one.***

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ok, the summit will be postponed one real week.

But House Harkonnen wasn't wiped out. Remember in Dune Heretics (maybe) that some guys were hiding inside a Harkonnen non-globe? House Harkonnen was defeated, but not wiped out. Actually it was one of the last Houses to be detroyed economically. The H. were very very rich.

Ok, sorry for being off topic.

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