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What books of Dune have you Read?


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Err... I don't think yuo should've gotten rid of the tsk tsk thing, since it had other stuff in it too.

ANyway, I've read all the Chronicles, all prequels and the BJ book, as well as the DE, Songs or Muad'Dib, National Lampoon's Doon, and the Dune Marvel comic. Oh, and The Road to Arrakeen.

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BJ stands for Butlerian Jihad. So the first one of that triology

I've read all Frank Herbert books. And the preludes and the Butlerian Jihad.

And I will read Dune Encyclopedia, if I can get my hands on them ^-^

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Up to heritics, never could get through it

prequells, and BJ

Yes i found it hard to read through that book at the beginning, so much changed that i dont know what they are talking about. but once you are halfway through you should like it, and same goes with chapterhouse.

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Which of the books have you read in the dune universe? I dont want a mess of the duniverse forum so I just deleted the unneccisary tsk tsk tsk thread.

you a newbie mod of course not....a newbie mod wouldnt do ANYTHING like that. I mean heck since you told me and 045 how we should be mods way back when well you have no problems, none at all.....



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