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What books of Dune have you Read?


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I also played E:B4D and later Dune 2000. Those games got me into Dune, later I saw the books at my local library and read them. (it took me a while to figure out in which order they were to be read :) )

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Today I recieved the Dune Encyclopedia from a library.

From first impression it looks like a big book to read, with very interesting information.

I also have 2 articles written on dune (that are good), and the two "Frank Herbert" books written by o'reilly and william touponce...surrounded by so much Dune in one room!(also including my 2 dvds, Messiah, CoD, GEoD and BJ books)

Almost forgot a printed copy of Dune Genesis that me doing summary on.(not that good of a summary though)

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I started by playing Dune 2000

I watched David Lynch's Dune

Read Dune (four times)

Watched SCIFI Dune

Played Emperor Battle for Dune

Read Dune: Bulterian Jihad

Read Dune: House Atreides

Read Dune: House Harkonnen

Read Dune: House Corrino

Reading Dune (again)

And Hoping on going on from their to the rest

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Oh hey I am reading chapterhouse now, on page 150 further then i ever got on it before lol, i will read Heritics.......later

is it just me or do Futars rock?

Futars are some kind of stupid beasts,something like contaminators from emperor, that are very strong and have the inborn talent to slay HM's...

And to the topic - All 9 books in correct order, but GEOD was the best anyway :P

The movie, Dune2k and Emperor :-

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Dune 7 needs some hard work, considering the fact, that the prequels are based on FH's notes. Brian will have to use his own fantasy for Dune's future. And "gaps" between CoD and GEOD - there's not much to fill, since the time isn't important in fictions such as Dune, no events that'd have to be described in details, at least in my opinion... ::)

Or are there any notes about the future, that FH left? :-

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