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That will be in place when new 1.2.0 forum software released.

I sent duniverse spam to dungeon, forgot to remove spam link/image, if a super mod wouldn't mind doing that so when people visit dungeon the website doesn't get any link hits.

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A megaload, actually.

I like it, I guess, not that anyone asked, but there seem to be a shiteload of images that didn't get loaded; right-clicking "open image in new window" gets me:

The requested URL /Themes/fed2k/images/filter.gif was not found on this server.




etc etc etc

Mind you, there were always a bunch missing before as well, but their absence wasn't as noticeable, so I figured I was coming out ahead by not having to load them! :P

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Small visual thing.  :-X

The smiley's have pieces of white around the edges. I think the smiley's are old and you can better re-download them and save as .PNG. With pngcrunch you can get them even smaller. If it's too much work, just give a name/link to where I can find them and I will convert and crunch them for you.  ;D

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If some tweaking was done to this theme it would be great.

top of page it says "Hello Andrew" in pretty big font with my name bolded. Maybe reduce that.

Maybe also get rid of search box since it uses up an entire width just for the search box (and there is already search link). Or if possible merge it with "Hello Andrew" so only one big grey bar is needed. Less scrolling.

Definitely need bolding for replied to topics. I dunno if every topic is currently bolded or font is just big.

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