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RSS news feeds..something.

Its a way of getting headlines form a website, but they usually show up as bookmarks, and for Fed2k, usually show the main news items (which is a shame). I would actually like to have what you have.

O Great Gob can clear up whether it is RSS feed stuff thats doing that.

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Seems Adblock plugin was blocking


It works now. I just need to fugure out what variable is blocking that link.

wtf? I have that exact link on the block list. Don't know why it is, but I'm removing it. Must have accidentally added it.

Odd, that url was added again to the blocked list. Removed it again, seems to be working.

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if you have the Dutch version of Opera it's called nieuwsstromen... guessing it's newsfeeds or something in the uk version. With me it's the option left of extra.

When selecting it you can subscribe and unsunscribe to newsfeeds. Look at the screennie for an example. I just enrolled to the Fed2k RSS feed as shown.

Sorry for the screeny being so big. . .I am on a dual monitor and to lazy to edit it. . . :P


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The notification system for the pms doesn't seem to work very well. Not only the emails arrive much later than the pm, I 've also had a case of an email notification for a pm arriving after an email notification for a later pm. If possible, it would be more convenient for the email to arrive just after the pm.

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