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  • 2 weeks later...

I know there's still some trouble with the software updates and all, but I thought I should just mention another bug that I've noticed.

Before, when I used the (hr) code - in square brackets, obviously - it was not required that I restate the colour of my text.  I could simply write something in my normal blue coloured text, put in a (hr) and then type away afterwards in the same colour.

As any Mod can see if you choose the option to edit this post, this is no longer the case.

I know this isn't a major thing, but I used - and continue to use - [this method of seperating text in several Fanfics.  It would require a lot of editing to make the old Fanfic posts look right again.  Is this something that can be fixed, or should I set aside 5 hours or so to copy and paste some colour code into some old threads?

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Hey, it's no problem. :)

I just thought it was worth mentioning.  I wasn't sure if it was an actual bug, or if I was just being lax all this time and the coding was finally refined in this latest update.  I'll remember to re-state my colour after (hr)'s for the time being.

No rush; real-life takes priority. :)

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Excuse the double post please but its a seperate issue :P

Has anyone noticed that the Unread Posts link on the top right takes much longer to bring up the posts these days ? The New Replies link is as fast as ever since the move, but definately it seems the Unread Posts is slow. It cannot be my connection, as then the New Replies would be slow too.

When it does come up it only lists a few posts as I have marked the rest as "read".

Any reason for this ?

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Shouldn't the Who's online screen refresh itself?

As far as I remember, that was stopped one or two years ago.

You can get a plugin for firefox to auto refresh a wesbite if you want. See the Firefox thread in technical support board and ask there.

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