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Could these be two in the same?


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I have been recently working on a project for some wallpapers and came across something. Here are two images one that is dune related (1a) and the other (1b) is not dune related, but not by much. I think the second is a rip-off of the first, I could be wrong. What do you think?

1a dunefrench.jpg

1b defcon4.jpg

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Only thing about sound files Caid Ivik is that it could be apart of one of those sound packages (commerical) that get used over and over again. I have seen alot of them while doing music work and it is not unusal to see (or hear) the same sound bit several times. The image "1a" is from Herbert's book as it was released in France (if not France one of the other many countries it was released). The second image "1b" is from an American movie titled Def-con 4.

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