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  1. 714 You call your math teacher a undercover scout. 715 You call your computer and all dune software God. 716 You quit eating cinimin on your toast saying its worth something. 717 You uninstall Everquest to make room for all these funny posts. 717 You think your middle school is the ordos base of operations. 718 You think when it turns winter, you were transported to the planet of the ordos and try not to step on the snow. 719 You go home after school (To your home house, Attradies) and break the heat radieater fearing it will attrack gient worms. 720 You change your email address to GimmeSpice@ilovedune.com 721 You kik yoru brother out of the house saying he is a spy. 722 You break your brothers nurf guns thinking that they're rifals. 723 You think your dog's tail is going to eat you. Well, that was hard for me to think of, might think of somore soon ;D I sorta fixed it but it looks like no one can count right in this thread... :) - Gobalopper
  2. Forgot to add, ide appreciate it a bunchload, i ned to know how to play on the Harkannon's/Ordoses/Atradies planets. PLEASE TELL ME PLEASE! If you don't have time to email me here, please email me at Dib4me@hotmail.com Ok,im done now.
  3. Hey all, im new at posting and sorta new at emperor. I was playing online with a friend and we played a skirmish game. on an ice planet! But, how do you select to play on another planet then the default one (the one with spice) ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
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