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  1. 118 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-21 Players » Four Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » This is version 2. The map screenshot shows player start locations red, blue, green and purple. Yellow is spiceblooms. There was also a problem with one of the crevasse bridges.
  2. 74 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-21 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 File Size » 6560 KB Downloads » 4768 Additional Info » After giving much consideration to the subject i came to the conclusion that this map will still be mostly ground warfare based. Westwood made ground units more effective at anti-air than the meager air units they included. So on this map the most important unit will be the advanced carryall. Players would have 2 options. Try and get loads of units in the centre, or get AA units in between the spice field an the enemy base early on. If a full 8 players are playing
  3. If that is true then I can see why you'd like a concrete / no concrete option as a check box on the multiplayer game set-up. But still, we're not paying the guys who have created this OpenRa mod and as such we'd do well to give them feed-back in a positive non-demanding way. And btw I know this ain't Dune2, I play Dune Legacy for my Dune2 fix. And turret walking, as opposed to base walking, against the computer used be fun back in the day before you were born. I have no interest in multiplayer, just tinkering with the game, AI and map making. Hence my unanswered question.
  4. I'm very grateful for this mod. I'm surprised that people moan about the concrete. In Dune2 there used to be a tactic where one could "walk" turrets into strange places with concrete, so concrete has the potential to make the game interesting. I've never used walls and infantry much, so I'd actually enjoy making a mod that made them useful. Is it possible to change the sight ranges for the various units? (The walls have eyes).
  5. You could also add OpenRA. It has a fairly good Dune 2000 MOD.
  6. Overpopulation is a massive problem in my country. And our government is doing everything in their power to make it worse. My father is a school inspector and he told me of a case where he saw 4 pregnant school girls in the same class. When he asked about it he found out that they were pregnant by a 26 year old schoolboy in their class. The "boy" had an agreement with them to get part of their child care money, that is so generously sponsored by the taxpayer. Our current leadership on the highest level hardly sets a good example. Our president has three official wives and 35 illegitimate child
  7. I have no idea how to answer this. You seem to be stridently and aggressively disagreeing with something I said. But I can't see what it was. Might I suggest a way to steer the conversation away from an unnecessary argument? Why not write down your own alternative theory of creation, either in the name of science or simply fun? (I'm feeling a bit adventurous; I honestly did not expect any reply for at least a week or so). If you follow that line of reasoning you end up in a very strange place. Is energy also just a concept that only "exists" in the human mind? Can energy exist without time? I
  8. I found this article rather interesting and thought I would share to get some other opinions: http://discovermagazine.com/2008/apr/25-3-theories-that-might-blow-up-the-big-bang I found the last one to be the most hilarious, the idea that time doesn't exist. What the obvious resistance from the science community to other theories that challenge the "big bang" theory indicate, is a general unwillingness to think outside the box. Also, if you read carefully you can't help but spot some carefully voiced problems with the big bang. The most prominent of those has always been "the beginning" issue
  9. Each generation hopes that they will not suffer as the ones that came before. But since Hiroshima each generation has hoped that the "stars" would not fall, as was foreseen by the prophesy found in Revelations. And so it is that we now envy the ones before us who was able to live their lives without having to witness the horrors that we might soon face. The poisoning of the waters (Revelation 8:11), the severe reduction in visibility (Revelation 8:12), the death of much of the earth's vegetation (Revelation 8:7), malignant sores (Revelation 16:2), the end of ocean life (Revelation 16:3), and t
  10. The current US effort to achieve regime change in Syria will also aid in the isolation of Iran for future "peace and security efforts". I'm not convinced weapons of mass destruction is the reason why Iran is in the cross hairs of the US, after all, we all remember how weapons of mass destruction was the buzz word used to justify the war against Iraq. The funny thing is that Iran might soon find themselves getting access to various nice weapons, probably even nukes, courtesy of our very own friendly South African government. What makes this funny is the fact that the old Apartheid regime had v
  11. Well X3M, your determination in creating this game is inspiring to me. Keep it up. I know how it feels to try and get a game "out there" but get little in terms of feed-back. This is a game I created in April: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/918904/line-of-actual-control/page/1 The biggest challenge in creating a game is NOT in having great ideas or doing up good looking graphics, no, the really hard part is in writing a short concise rule book for your game. There are a small group of dedicated gamers in the world that would read and re-read the rules of a mamoth game, and not mind that p
  12. Version 2


    Falconius MOD.
  13. @X3M I've mentioned I have buildings earlier, but I guess a picture is worth.. There are Atreides troops in the front for scale. No sand worms or sand storms at this time. I don't want to scare off my only opponent: my wife. But playing wargames have taken a back seat to studying, the new work and my little baby girl. I have an exam coming up in April, so I'm sorry for being so scarse.
  14. I also like Legacy and I've had a few multiplayer games during the December vacation. There was 2 problems with the game though: the maps was too small for decent multiplayer action and only infantry can destroy regular buildings like wind traps ect. I couldn't find a map editor anywhere to fix the first problem. And for the second problem we'll have to wait for this Richy guy to fix. I'm on Linux so I can't install Hamachi.
  15. Yes other games include vision considerations as a factor of determining effect of fire, but they all without exception ignore the question of who sees the enemy first. In my rules I've borrowed the "cross fire" idea from Epic Armageddon. You get a huge fire bonus if you manage to achieve a "flank" position on enemy units. But no other rules was written to simulate directionality of unit observations. I have given it the highest priority that the rules must be easy to summarize on a single A4 sheet, so I've kept things as simple as possible. This comes straight from Seeds of war,
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