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  1. To get that to work you either need to find the missing DLL... or recompile the 3rd party libraries such as Allegro.
  2. Or put the environment into "Release" mode instead of "Debug" mode when compiling. That's what I did (though I probably have the non-D MSVCR70.dll installed).
  3. My profile says 2000 but I visited before that as well, so I voted 1999 :)
  4. koen

    Dune 2000

    There are ways of dumping *some* of the graphics from the R8/R16 files to bitmaps... but there's no way to get them back in. And having 5000 bitmaps with no name isn't funny, I can assure you. Why do you need them?
  5. They are going to give reasons like: "Uhm, no, can't do that, because we use propriatiery libraries in there which can't be released." See? I don't know how to spell propriatiery ::)
  6. koen

    C&C Generals

    Generals will use the same file format for 3D models as Renegade (W3D). But Westwood still hasn't released the 3ds to W3D converter they would release for Renegade. So we still can't edit them. I can tell you that Generals is moddable: but 200,000 lines of ini-like text is a bit too much :S Editing without a program will become impossible I think (then again, the TibEd 1.x engine can't handle the Generals file formats... Incoming: TibEd 2.x, which was originally designed for Emperor... but I was slightly delayed :O).
  7. koen

    IG Shutdown

    Hmm.. Tiberian Sun... I thought it was kind of depressing since everything was dark brown or white. No variation. Dune 2000 was very good because it used very light colors.
  8. koen

    IG Shutdown

    Is IG really closed? I mean, they are the company behind FIFA 2002,2003 too, which is published by EA. Is EA just going to let them go bankrupt?
  9. koen

    Great Britons

    Churchill :D Oh wait, I'm not a Briton :)
  10. It probably runs too fast because my soundcard doesn't work (hardware conflict) and I play Arrakis without sound.
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