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House Feud


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T 1456 Draconis 4

A swarm of Harkonnen transports and battleships entered the orbit of the planet. There were not much defenses in space, for Ordos have never had a major space conflict before. The few ships that did guard the planet's orbit were destroyed by the invisible Ares ships before they could even fire.

Mentat Piter himself commanded the attack. The thousands of transport ships landed on the surface of Draconis. The ships opened and thousands of infantry and vehicles poured out like juice from a bottle.

Before the Harkonnen army stood the well organized Ordos defense. There was a impassable wall of Kobras as far as the eye could see, laser tanks and deviators were hovering around the Harkonnen force with incredible speed, firing at it.

Thinking quickly, Piter ordered to let out the gunships. There were thousands of them, blocking out the sun to the battlers below.

Suddenly they started to drop and launched their rockets right at the wall of Kobras, destroying the most of them. When damaged planes were out of rockets they simply rammed into ground targets turning them into balls of fire.

The inkvines fired at the Laser tanks that were charging at the Harkonnens. It was of no use, they still kept coming. They fired their laser, destroy the inkvines and simply hovering away. They grouped together on teh opposite side ready to attack again.

But then, came in the assault tanks and buzzsaws, wiping out the laser tanks and the remaining military.

The capital city was in sight, but unfortunately it was covered with a highenergy deflector shield, not even the plasma guns of the mighty devastators could get through that.

Piter thought long and hard.

"Fire the death hands!"- he ordered.

The atomics were readied and launched. The first one hit the shield, but all it did is cause it to shimmer.

"Fire the rest!"

A barrage of warheads hit the city. When the 4 rulers looked up in the sky from their palace, all they coould see is a white flash and then utter darkness of death and defeat.

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The rest of the Ordos military will disperse to other confederate planets.

Ten Sardaukar Battleships float down from the sky and hover a mile above the O'Oria capital city. Lazguns fire downward destroying most automated defense systems. The ships land discharging thousands of Sardaukar Infantry, no tanks were necessary. A hundred thousand well armed troops met them. The two armies rushed at each other like crashing waves. The battle lasted only 20 minutes, the O'Orian defenses were in shambles.

The Ordos and O'Oria capital worlds were destroyed. This still left the smaller worlds held by them, but these could be attacked later. The Bene Tleilaxu sided with the O'Orians, hundreds of dead face dancers attested to that. They would pay, but they had defenses and armies to rival the emperor's, it would take a combined effort to destroy Bangalong.

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two Monitors along with 86 tactical frigates flashed over the Taligari home world. Plaz doors opened their concealed weapons. Tactical Orbs dropped by the monitors and 10 large frigates fell through the atmosphere of the planet for support while the other frigates landed on the surface. Five hundred Ornithopters exited the mammoth ships like bee

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To Duke Atreides

You are to be commended for your capture of the Taligari homeworld. You have instilled in them the ideals of the empire. I have deployed 8 tank divisions to Caladan, you may use them as you see fit.

Imperial Speech to Taligari Citizens

Your bravery in the face of your masters tereny is admirable, as was your endurance. Those who would oppose the peace, justice, and stability the empire has attained must be stopped and punished. It is with people such as yourself's that the ideals of the Imperium will be renewed. Long live the Empire!

Also I wont be able to post again for a while so everyone can keep going. But try to strech it out, make it last really long. See ya later.

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Baron Harkonnen himself was leading the attack on House Richese. His fleet closed in on the well defended Richesian orbit. Baron Harkonnen was inside the capital ship of the Harkonnens, so he stayed behind. The first batch of Harkonnen bombers closed in on the planet.

A voice came from the planet's defense platforms:

"Vile Harkonnens! Stop now or be ripped to pieces by our advanced technology! You have 3 seconds to recall your ships, Baron!"


Baron yawned.


Baron commanded a second group of ships to come from the other side unnoticed.


"Your time is up! DIE!"

A huge barrage of missiles and laser beams shot at the first group of ships, but they went right through them and did not even do anything.

Baron Harkonnen grinned "Foolish Richesians, these are Ixian projections. Well what am I talking about, you could never defeat Ixian technology. Launch the nukes!"

The real group of bombers launched their missiles at ther planet.

But still, the defense systems destroyed most of the missiles, only the regular missiles hit their targets.

"Hahaha, we have stopped all of your nukes, Harkonnen!"

The Baron laughed, "So predictable, destroying the nukes while letting the other missiles go. Well know this, the other missiles were filled with the deadly genetic virus Tailax, developed by our now-enemies Bene Tleilax. The whole population will die within the next 12 hours. Sit back and enjoy the show".


Baron laughed "That I probably will, hehe"

The Baron and his ships left, leaving the planet in agony.

Message to Padishah Emperor:

We had to break the law of bioweapons, but it was for the good of the state. It was the only way to get through the Richesian space defense.

Baron Harkonnen

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I like the look of this... Mind if I be Viscount Moritani?

Open message to Imperium:

House Moritani verifies our friendship with House Harkonnen, and wishes to make plain our intention to stand by our allies through any military action.

Secret message to Baron Harkonnen:

[hide] Baron Harkonnen,

A shipment of Ordos refugees has arrived on our planet seeking sanctuary, we have accepted this, but we have confiscated all technology from them, and are currently studying it in detail. Of course all of our findings will be made available to House Harkonnen as a sign of our good intentions.

We await your response,

Viscount Moritani.


Secret message from Viscount Moritani to remaining vestiges of Houses Taligari, Richese, O'Oria and Ordos;

[hide] Your difficulties have been noted by House Moritani, and we sympathise. It is our wish that you use the funds we are sending to bribe either the Guild or members of House Wayku to transport yourselves to our homeworld, and sanctuary away from the eyes of the Imperium. Our request is that you share any technologies that may not be available to us, or...entirely legal. We shall not inform any other Houses of this agreement.

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How dare you attack house Richese >:(

The count Ilban Richese sat in the frigate in the space port, his family and most trusted advisors with him. When they heard about the attack the count ordered all people to stand ready to execute project Exodus if necessary.

Project Exodus included gathering the most contributative citizens into a number of frigates across the planet and evacuate them in case of a plague or nuclear holocaust. That time had come indeed.

500 frigates across the planet lifted off, carrying the only remaining healthy Richesians.

The count had already devised a plan of what to do next. He would pay back the Harkonnen dogs. The Richesians would resettle on Arrakis and steal the Harkonnens most precious posessions- the spice melange.

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Ilban Richese ordered the launch. The hundreds of frigates took off and formed a que and entered a nearby highliner.

He was a little troubled. The harkonnen dogs might still try something- but as soon as he was in the highliner his safety is garantued. The highliner came closer- well, technicly the frigate closed into the highliner. Richeses heart began to beat. When his frigate entered the huge doors, he sighed of great relief. In less then half an hour the remaining 147 frigates would also be on board.

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Secret message to Viscount Moritani:

[hide] Dear Viscount,

I am glad to have you on my side. And I am intrigued my your proposal as forbidden technology has always interested me. One truly would be a fool to let the knowledge of the renegade Houses perish.

Completely supporting you,

Baron Harkonnen


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OOC Houses

House Corrino - Emperor - Inoculator

House Harkonnen - allie of Emperor - VigilVirus

House Atreides - allie of Emperor - TMA

House Ix - allie of Emperor - Dunenewt

House Ordos - destroyed

House Maros - against Emperor

House Theta - against Emperor

House Moritani - allie of Harkonnen, therefore the Emperor

House Richese - against Emperor, evacuating because of Tailax virus - Earthnuker

House Hagal - against Emperor

House Taligari - revolution - allie of Emperor

House Ecaz - against the Emperor

House O'Oria - destroyed

Bene Tleilax - against the Emperor

The Guild - neutral

House Ginaz - position unknown - Atreides Legend

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To All Loyal Servants of the Empire

Victory is within sight. Your service to the Empire is commendable, I am particularly pleased with the assault on Richese.

With the defection of House Moritani and the support of the Swordmasters, victory is certain. Your loyalty in the face of the enemies treachery will be rewarded, when we stand on the Imperial Balcony accepting praise from grateful citizens.

House Richese's situation is a bit strange to me though. They commited few acts against me, and yet they side with the enemy of the Imperium. House Richese I offer you the chance to return to the Imperium, your past actions will be ignored and your people cured.

Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe

I also need someone to be the Guild. I want to have something like the Guild refuse us transport and we have to work it out. So someone go Guild.

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To the most glorious and gifted Emperor Corrino:

It has come to my attention that the Great House Harkonnen have used Genetic weapons. I ask that we keep this war dignified and nobel. While the Baron has been using pitiful weapons of mass destruction, my solders have been dying valiantly on the battle field. I urge you to stop this typical Harkonnen practice at once. If it does not stop then I will have no choice but to cite code 340/1205 of the Great Convention. The second line states perfectly that any use of weapons of mass destruction is prohibited without proper notification. This gives power to other houses, enabling them to cut all ties economically with the Harkonnen. If the requests and strictures of the Great Convention are not met, then I will send forces over the capital and economic planets of the Harkonnen. Stopping their monitary gain at once.

May the Great Mother shine upon upon you my gracious Lord: Duke Atreides.

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Draconis 4 that has been captured and enslaved by the Harkonnens has been turned into a military supply planet. The Ordos factories have been churning out Kobras and laser tanks for Harkonnen use for weeks. The Ordos soldiers have been quite eager to join the Harkonnen army, because the life of a Harkonnen soldier was great - they never lacked neither money nor comfort. 10,000,000 ordos citiaens join the Harkonnen army, whether in vehicles, piloting ships or just foot soldiers.

Now a new army has been prepared, one with both Ordos and Harkonnen technology.

A fleet composed of 10,000 military transports and 20,000 warships composed the largest fleet ever created and this fleet moved right to the worlds of Maros and Theta.

Baron gave an ultimatum to these two Houses:

"Surrender to me or be prepared to experience the fate of the Richesians. I have Tailax virus missiles and Death Hand thermonuclear bombs ready to fire. Surrender now!"

House Maros leader did not think long, he surrendered his planet to the majesty of the Harkonnens. A new order was established on it that very same day and its military converted.

The ruler of House Theta refused to surrender, for he was always known for his stubborness.

The fleet of the Harkonnens moved closer and closer to the planet, destroying all resistance with ease.

Baron did not give a warning, a barrage of Death Hand missiles equipped with drillers were launched at the planet's surface.

The fleet left as the missiles drilled their way through the planet's mantle and detonated in a 20 teratonn explosion. The planet's core shattered and split asunder. In a few more seconds, all that remained of the planet were a ring of floating asteroids.

House Maros and House Theta were defeated.

The power of House Harkonnen was raised tenfold through the conquest.

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To the Padishah Emperor of Known Universe,

I have received a message from Duke Atreides, warning me to stop my use of weapons of mass destruction(OOC-its actually only bioweapons), because it goes against the Great Convention. It is not my place to contradict it, but the Convention has been broken not by me, but by the Houses that rebelled. Shall we let our enemies have no rules, while we ourselves have to abide by them? Since the beginning of the war, nuclear weapons, belonging to House Ecaz have been fired upon some of my ships and colonies. Is it not just to fight fire with fire?

Your loyal allie,

Baron Harkonnen

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To Baron Harkonnen

The Great Convention must be obeyed. You have served me well, but before using weapons forbidden by the strictures of the Great Convention, you must appraise me of your plans before hand.

Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe

Now we need players for Maros Guild and Tleilaxu. Also when this part of the story is complete, I have a new one planned. We'll stay in this thread but the story will continue.

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To the Padishah Emperor of Known Universe:

Of course, Sire.

I also bear ill news. House Ecaz and House Hagal have united their forces and are headed for Caladan. I do not know if the Duke will be able to stop them on his own without taking serious casualties on his homeworld because the attackers bear nuclear and biological missiles. My forces and the forces of my friend Viscount Moritani are already moving that way to help him out, but I'm afraid it will be impossible for us to reach him in time. However, if he holds them off for a couple of hours, my fleet will easily dispatch of them, because it has grown to enourmous standards with all the defections to our side from the Ordos and Maros.

Baron Harkonnen

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The great Baron speaks truth, Moritani forces are even now heading for Caladan to lend aid. However, it is my sad duty to inform all that by the bungling of one of my own generals, our troops entered the wrong Heighliner, and are now stuck in transit, probably they will arrive too late. I must express my sincerest appologies for this unforgivable error, and I give my word that the man shall be publically executed for his ignorance and for what he has caused.

With regret that I could not do better, Viscount Moritani.

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"This is what we've been waiting for boys." the admiral said.

six monitors lay in open space, surrounding the solar system. Watchers were placed all around to find where the enemy will attack. 400 modified frigates move along the watch post waiting for an attack. The people of Caladan were moved by order of Duke Atreides to subterrainian shelters till the crisis was over.

"I urge my allies and the Emperor himself to help defend Caladan, it is of absolute interest to protect my planet. I swear that those that attack us will be blown out of the stars. Please help, It is of absolute urgance. I might be able to hold out for a few days, but that is all I have. My people will fight tooth and nail for victory, lets just hope all of you come for help in time."

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