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  1. Yo, Seth. Try a little punctuation. It's pretty hard to understand your posts.
  2. I just used loads of Fedaykin to take out the buildings, and Minos to take out the units.
  3. Missile turrets, kindjals, and minos are my defense group. Plus, a couple thopters can provide air support. Hey, every little bit helps!
  4. Yeah, but what about those Tleilaxu turrets?
  5. I always look forward to something that is Dune, so I thing FH's Dune looks pretty cool.
  6. Not true. Turrets will turn against turrets, but only when there's no turrets left will they turn against buildings.
  7. I suppose the best thread is the one that actually has a point!
  8. Well, it looks some people aren't completely zoned out of these boards.
  9. I've always been angry about that effect. It looks nothing like what they described in the book. I always invsioned a huge explosion flinging spice everywhich way.
  10. Hmm, how about that. 3 days on this board and I've got 26 posts. I should get out more.
  11. I don't see how you can cheat on anything. The game is pretty straightforward, and anything you want to change or make easier you can do that for skirmish. I, personally, hate cheating on comp games.
  12. That strategy might work in WWII but I doubt it works in Emperor. There are too many good anti-infantry or anti-vehicle units for it to work.
  13. I'm sorry, but the strategy's been staring you in the face the whole time. Build some Fedaykin, then after you capture the cannon, carefully move your fedaykin to the worm. Your nifty Fedaykin will fry the worm in a minute or so.
  14. Mortars are only good if the unit is stuck to the ground. Dust Scouts I missed, so yeah, they're good against infantry, but what if the infantry are accompanied by tanks or minos? DScouts get blasted if ya blow on em to hard, and even if ya don't, they get to slow.
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