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Dune Jokes


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and as for Tipper Gore; I dont think she has a soul because she HATES any form of expression (ie music, literature, and for the love of Jehova she created the PMRC) and she and her thugs like to go on "Christian" cruesades to rid the world of anything she finds obscene.

i hate to said Ordos45, but you were the victim of the NPS (Nazi Police State)

and dont get me started on Joseph Liberman ;D

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Well, there are some good dune jokes (why did the devastator/sandworm cross the dune?)

but you're right.  Puns are easier and more funnier.  Which I equate to better.

What do you call a group of Sardaukar removed from the Emperor's service?

Canned sardines.

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A Hark, fremen, and an atreides are on a ornithopter. the captian tells them we are too heavy throw out some items. The hark throws out some toxic waste and says we have too much of this on my planet. the atreides throws out some water and says we have too much of this on my planet. The fremen throws out the hark and atreides and says we have too much of these on my planet. ;D ;D ;D ;D

ok what do you call a guild navigator without spice?

unemployed. ;D ;D ;D

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Ehh...Harkonnen count many things using the binary system....

1.  Dead

0.  Tortured to the brink of death

1. Useless

0. Going to be useless

1. Owned by the Harkonnen

0. Going to be owned by the Harkonnen

etc. etc. etc.

This way, it's possible to have 10110010110101010...if you take each 0 and 1 to mean something else...

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