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  1. I always thought pig latin was the best, but everyone knows it.
  2. And all this time we thought that leet and bad posts were the problem...its the people trying to "prevent" this seem to degrade a topic into angered anit-leet pool od nonsense (and not the good kind)
  3. I live in a donut being digested by local housing development in a land where everyone and everything is niether real or fake.....and Aricku, I've ALWAYS wanted to be like you and that is why and i am hiding in the bushes beside your bedroom window ::) I see everything BWAHAHAHAHA.
  4. is this one of those quotes? Regardless, you still can confuse us with the mighty power of dislexia forming french subliminal messages.
  5. You mean our signatures are meant to make sense? ohhh...Mine still doesn't make sense.
  6. In the mean time, we still have Jedi Knight 2, which is sweet beyond sweet....*a strange buzzing noise heard* SWOOSH SWOOSH. Oops, kinda got carried away with my lightsabre hehehe :- ::) :-[
  7. Greek creature with the heads of a dragon, goat, and lion. It had the body of a lion, the hoofs of a goat and tail of dragon (and don't forget wings too) It had a couple of powers, but i can only remember it spitting hot oil and flames.
  8. Gob are you sending subliminal messages?
  9. Well isnt that great, I am a stone dragon now. Thanks alot ex ::) I wonder if i can still fly...
  10. Yeah, the americans (like me) have trouble reading those foreign languages. The most i know is spanish and english, and a tad of portugese.
  11. That always a good thing. Warcraft 3 ohhh thats going to be almost better than donuts.
  12. that makes sense. But wouldn't subiods and the tleilaxu be the result of genetic tampering?
  13. yes that would be cool....ahh evilbombermanatreides sounds quite appropriate.
  14. how much will your alien be? I was thinking about getting one after i get some fundage.
  15. you don't get asked on dates that much do you terror? Thats ok, though.
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