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Um.................... stalin was a great man in the fact that he helped russia out of a major depresion. he was a idiot in the fact that he trusted hittler would not atack him and the fact that he killed or sent to sibera all of his good generals. some people think thats why he got his ass punched when the nazies first invaded the motherland. now give me a hit off that g

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I think Stalin was exactly as big a psyco as Hitler. They both killed millions of people for the beliefs, both political and religious.

They where both adicted to power and sweeped away everyone who was against them.

The worst thing today is that people seem to polarise like they did back in the '20 and '30, with neo-nazis, and comunists. But hopefully we've learned from history!!!!

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Some idiots will never learn from history.  BTW a tip for people with Journalism classes.  DON'T go to a white supremcy leader's compound for an interview with someone who is not white in the passenger seat.  I had to learn that the hard way.

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