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games worth buying:


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Mech Warrior 4 with expsansions

Emperor Battle for Dune (duh :P ;D)

Mech Commander 2

Max Payne

Marrowind (Elder Scrolls III)

I would say Dune Generations, but alas Cyro is no more... and so is the game :-

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yes, the best movies ever. ;D


Oh, lets see (Grouped in catagories):


I don't play these, though I hear Diablo II is good.


Jedi Knight II: Jedi outcast

Jedi Knight and it's expansion, MOTS.

Dark Forces

Voyager: Elite Force

Unreal Tournament (For less powerful PC's)

Quake III (For the graphics)


Emporer: Battle for Dune

Red Alert (Still Great!)

Red ALert II and YR.

StarCraft (Also Still Great!)

Dune II ;D (LOL-Download it!)

SW: Galactic Battlegrounds and Clone Campaigns

SW: force Commander (I think I'm the ownly one who like this game, mainly for the graphics, and, wll, IT"S STAR WARS! ;D)


SimCity 3000 Unlimited is pretty good.

That should give you some idea. Decisions, decisions!

(Long enough list? ;D ;D)

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RPG: Baldurs Gate (i just got these games and hell are the GOOOODDD)

Baldurs Gate 2

Not really very many good RPG's for the PC although u could download the classics, using emulators + ROMS

Id recommend - Chronotrigger (SNES)

The old Final Fantasies (SNES)

Zelda: Link to the past (SNES)

Bahamut Lagoon (SNES)

D&D: Warriors of the eternal sun (Mega drive/Genesis)

Shining Force 1 & 2 (Mega drive/Genesis)

FPS: Max Payne (Gota love it)

Operation flashpoint

Jedi Knight II: Jedi outcast

Jedi Knight and it's expansion

RTS: Emperor: Battle for Dune

C&C: Tiberian Sun + Firestorm

Empire Earth

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WarCraft III

WarCraft III

WarCraft III

WarCraft III

WarCraft III

WarCraft III

WarCraft III

WarCraft III

WarCraft III

WarCraft III

WarCraft III

WarCraft III

oh, I almost forgot to mention WarCraft III!

Im not going to start the debate over WCIII again but lets just say its the the greatest game in my opinion.

Cough* and many others!

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You forgot WarCraft III.

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

No one forgets WarCraft III. If it's on a list, it must be a typo. Certainly no one ACTUALLY LIKES that awful game? It would have been great if it had made the release date (LOL), but now, It just doesn't cut it. Not compared to Emporer.

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I don't understand how you people can NOT like WarCraft III. It is an absolutely amazing game. Leto, you know it's a good game, except for the group cap (I don't mind the group cap, it prevents people from massing huge armys, and winning by sheer numbers, hence preventing strategy.) Emperor is a great game, with great visuals to go along with it, but it's just same old, same old. WarCraft III introduces NEW (OMG, heaven forbid, nav might not know how to play as well with new features, and will start b|tching about how the gams sucks ::)) The graphics are just as good as emperor, only with more detail, and every level isn't brown!

Just to PROVE that you WarCraft III haters have absolutely no idea what a good game is...why did WarCraft III become the fastest selling game of all time? Why does WarCraft III have more players online at any given time, than WW even has registered for all their games put together! Why did ALL (this puts the nail in the coffin) the large review companies give the game a rating OVER 9/10? IT'S BECAUSE THE GAME ROXORS, AND JUST BECAUSE YOU SUCK AT PLAYING IT, DOESN'T MEAN THE GAME IS NOT GOOD. This game is the only innovative RTS to hit the seens since...like...the original C&C...well maybe not, but you get the point ;D

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