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  1. Gigaettin

    WC3 OR EBFD?

    Guys, I've took the time to think about this and I still prefer EBFD graphics over WC3.
  2. I *think* i remember you. Not alot mind you.. heh. But i jsut started playing again... you shoudl come abck its pretty fun. (even though i don't seem to be able to win anymore :( )
  3. heh I've been on the server twice now and theres always been someone on. I was just happy the server exists. The reason I searched for this site again is because i found a program named 'Hamachi' which sets up a virtual private network so you can play LAN over the internet but when i saw there was a server this was a 100x better :D
  4. hey everyone. Emperor was my all time fav. game. And when the westwood servers died. I thought that was it, But I recently managed to get hold of a copy of Emperor again (mine smashed) and came here again. And man.. I can't believe theres servers to play :D I've played a few games and I've discovered im not that good anymore. But it'll be cool pl;aying you all and trying to get back up to standard. I loved playing in the Westwood league, so I was wondering if there was one here? And clan games too... i used to be in FCUK. Gona try and get everyone else playing again too.. i still talk to them. SO hopefully I'll bring more players with me I remember i was top of the leaguefor a couple of months, and I got sent a red alert 2 mouse mat ??? and a EBFD t-shirt.. heh. Hopefully I can train up again. Anyway just wanted to introduce myself. Doubt anybody will remember me. But hey :)
  5. i love that film, i showed my friends it and they didnt like it, what idiots
  6. yeh repoman look up old similar topics like this, they didnt turn out nice.... ::)
  7. Gigaettin

    star craft

    ive never played starcraft....
  8. Gigaettin

    star craft

    u can broadband from ntl for
  9. stamina cheat? i got them al l normally, and for whoever asked someone if they got them all when they just said they got the gold, U have to get them all to get the gold u have to breed certain ones like 2 normal ones of a certain class 2gether, for blue and the same for green, then breed them get black, then u breed that with a wonderful to get gold.
  10. nah, not kebab, i could beat him everytime, whereas i had trouble with freerunz sometimes....
  11. Gigaettin

    WC3 OR EBFD?

    nah its them invisble ppl that build ya buildings, they are invisabale and indestructuble, they are not used in war as it is deemed unfair! *cough*
  12. yeah its a good game, but i dont have that good of connection and sometimes i get Warning_CL_packet or summit like that, and i cant move or see anything, so i die :(
  13. nah i cant remember the sound, but i know i loved the Sephiroth music, and the graphics were great at the time, i remember the reviews 'Amazing graphics' i thought that too, looking back now sure they look blocky, i mean their arms are like sausages stuck on the end, but the stories great, the graphics i loved when i got it, along with the cut scenes i thought they were great, and as i said i cant really remember the sound (and cant put it on, my bro took the Playstation to hiss girlfriends about a year ago and still hasnt brought it back) but i loved the Sephiroth music. (hehe i like breeding chocobo's too :D )
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