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Sanity Test

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1.  Do you know both of Gob's account names?

2.  Do you worship Gob?

3.  Do you have over 1000 posts on this website?

4.  Did you actually go through one day until you read everything marked new in every forum?

5.  Are you taking this test?

6.  Do you know what KYA is the abreviation for in House KYA?

7.  Do you know Gilamobster13's old account name?

8.  You have participated in the religion thread.

9.  Have you ever gone to your own profile and hit "view all posts of this user?"

10.  Do you go to the Emperor: Battle For Dune forum here?

11.  Are you a moderator?

12.  You have not seen sunlight in more than a year.

If you scored 5 or more yeses, log offline.  Shut down the computer, get professional help before it is too late.  Btw, I did not pass this.

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1. Gobalopper and Bumbler

2. Yep ;) On occasion though.

3. Yep ;)

4. Once, and that was because the blue in everything was driving me crazy. This pen is rrr.....BLUE! AAAah!!

5. Dunno? I think so...

6. Kicking Your Arse?

7. Yoshi, maybe?

8. hehe! Yep!

9. Yes, and it took me a few minutes to do so, but the posts by MoiDib weren't there

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1: Isn't the account name "admin" and the displayed names Gobalopper and Bumble ?

2: who ?

3: no

4: yep, euh .. several times ::)

5: apperently

6: Kick your Ass

7: Yoshi13

8: just quit it with that "religion" thread ok ;D

9: no, did you ?

10: sometimes, when I'm looking for a laugh ;D

11: nope

12: sunlight, what's that ? I havn't seen anything that glows besides my 80 Watt halogeen for sometime now.

You can go offline !? Is that really possible, you'r not just kidding me right ?

You didn't pass ? Yea right ;)

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1. Gob and account for testing things *Bumbler* the Abomination Snowman :D.


3. Yes.

4. Sometimes...

5. Hmmm...I don`t really know...Am I?

6. I don`t know, I can only imagine... ;). Well, telling the true, now I know - Kick Your A**

7. No...I think no...

8. Yes, sure.

9. Ha ha ha, yes and watching it for some time. But only three times! I`m not a looney one! :)

10. Yes, I did it more often but now rarely.

11. Only few people are...or they are some 'stealth' moderator. :D

12. I see sunlight behind ny back when I`m sitting before my computer.

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1. Yes. And I know that Gob used to post as what is now bumbler, but has since set his post count to 0, which used to look quite funny when you could see the post count.

2. No.

3. Oh yes.

4. Yes.

5. If I'm not, then ther's something weird going on...

6. I couldn't be bothered to read the whole damn thread... I know who they are owned by, and who they had a war with that destroyed the universe and lasted about 18 pages... and the owner of their enemies...

7. Yes. And I know who he posted as before he got *that* name.

8. I have.

9. Yes, out of curiosity. It wouldn't go further than 2099 when I tried it last (06/05/02).

10. Yes.

11. Yes.

12. I live in Britain... of course I haven't.

And number 4, 12, and others can be answered yes while remaining perfectly sane.

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1: admin and gobalopper (Gobalopper and Bumbler) ==> yes

2: Finally: No :) ==> no

3: Yes currently 1257 ==> yes

4: No I didn't ==> no

5: No ==> yes

6: No, truely ==> no

7: Gilamobster13?? ==> no

8: Yes, but only a few times

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1. Gobalopper and Bumbler

2. uhm is he looking?.....

3. yea some more serious than others :P

4. no

5. no.....erhm...yes.....I don't know...am I?

6. KYA? hmmm is it: I've Got Worms?

7. Yoshi

8. some

9. once, but I was young and in love

10. nope

11. not that I know of

12. I don't like the sun, it makes me turn into dust

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(in nyarlothep's room)

timenh: auw oh no ot there...AUWWW no NO not again NOOOOOO......JAUWWWWWWWWW no no it was a joke, don't do it doc, don't do it.

nyarlothep: you are insane my boy, i think i need to do the entire treatment al over again.

timenh: no, NO it was just a joke don't do it doc AUWWWWW HELP!

Nema Fakei: (shivers) BrRrRr

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1. Goblapper and Admin/Bumbler

2. I have started a religion in his honour to be precise.

3. Yes

4. Once

5. duh!!!

6. No, haven't read that book yet.

7. No

8. I went into fasting when it was locked, thinking Gob the God had shown his anger because we did something wrong.

9. Yes

10. Used to, not much now.

11.  I wish, Lansraad at least.

12.  14 years actually.

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(after the treatment)

timenh: ahh, that was nice ::)

Gunseng_harkonen: didn't it hurt?

timenh: no it didn't, it actually felt nice ::)

Gunseng_harkonen: really?

timenh: yes ::)

Gunseng_harkonen: hmm...

(nyar comes out)

Gunseng_harkonen: DOC, what have you dun to him????

nyarlothep: dun what?

Gunseng_harkonen: THIS:

timenh: ahh ::)

Gunseng_harkonen: SEE?!

nyarlothep: oh that, i only removed the part of the brain that stores his memory and fear with my bare hand.

Gunseng_harkonen: timenh is that true?

timenh: haaa... ::)

Gunseng_harkonen: omg :O

nyarlothep: i think your next gunseng 8) ::) ;D

Gunseng_harkonen: nooooo, don't take me, nemei fakei is first!!!

nyarlothep: nema fakei is already operated.

Gunseng_harkonen: is that true nema?

Nema Fakei: haa... ::)

Gunseng_harkonen: noooooooooooooooooo.

nyarlothep: muahahahaaaahaaa

(in his office)

Gunseng_harkonen: no don't take my brains out, they're fragiel :'(

nyarlothep: just a small detail.

Gunseng_harkonen: a small but PAINFULL detail :'(

nyarlothep: stay still or else i rip off more then a section of the brain.

Gunseng_harkonen:  :'( :-/, why don't you take my hand inst :-X oeps.

nyarlothep: ok, then i'll take your hand AND a piece of your brain.

Gunseng_harkonen: noooooooooo :'(

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1. Account names are admin and gobalopper for the username.  The accounts themselves are Gobalopper and Bumbler.

2.  Do you?

3. Depends on your post count.

4. Actually about two years ago yes for me.  It depends on whether u have or not for you.

5. Obiously.

6. Kick your arse (kind word)

7. Yoshi13

8. Ok ok I started the whole mess.  but did u post in it?  If so than yes for this answer.

9. Yes, did u do it for yourself?

10.  Once again its a yes or no I do question.

11. Ok I am a moderator in fanfic.  Few people can mark yess on this question.

12. I have the sunbrun to prove it.

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1.  nope... only knew about gob

2.  No, hell i don't, no offence :-)

3.  not yet

4.  No i'm sorry guys... but this forum is too big.

5.  whatta ya thinkin

6.  KYA my ass

7.  I don't know that guy anyway

8.  yeah, but i'm not religious

9.   :'( yes i did.

10.  Yeah, why not, it's a great game

11.  Nope, just a wannabe moderator

12.  Sure, the sun burns my skin when i walk on the desert sands. At least... i believe so !

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Same here .. . ok I could have seen Yoshi's name. But then I put the 13 behind it. ;D

And my answer to House KYA was slightly different to.

btw, you can check most of the answers youself, if you do you'll findout exactly how mutch me have cheated ::)

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