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  1. Ghosts? Bleh, I don't believe in them, and errr, Kirov, what ARE you on about?
  2. I have a PS2, had it since launch:D, and I got a DC:), both are classic consoles. I would go for an XB if M$ actually had worthwhile games for me to look forward to in the next couple of years:-/, the PS2 has some fantastic titles coming out for it now which is what I've been mainly waiting for and the GC, well, there's already a list of games soon to come out for it which I'm really wanting a lot. Just one problem.....launch dates:'( MGS2 - March XB - March FFX - June (FFXI will be released in Japan first!!!) GC - June Aren't us Europeaners unlucky? Oh yeah, did I mention that FF7-9 are being remade for the PS2? Sweet eh? Just wanted to say that most of you will probably flame me for saying that FF8 is the best FF I've ever played, FF6 follows closely behind ;)
  3. I dunno about you lot but that Sherlock Holmes joke cracked me up, still laughing now as well... :D
  4. Heeeeeey, I logged in, cheers. ;)
  5. Errr.....oh......hmmmm.....oh well:(, hope he has a good time anyway, I'll start bugging him when he bgets back;), any idea when???
  6. Errr.....You there, sorry if I seem impatient and all, just want to try and get back into the swing of things around here after being a regular since a couple years ago.....If it did work could you e-mail me or IM me, that'd be cool. Oh yeah MSN : aaronvarshney@hotmail.com AIM : Aaron aka Varsh ICQ : 66522168 (rarely on)
  7. For some reason everytime I try to log in it says my password is incorrect:'( and yes I have had my password e-mailed to me and I put it in exactly as it says but still no luck>:(, any chance you can try logging in to my account or seeing if it's showing the correct password? Cheers in advance:)
  8. I thught the film was great, in fact I still myself prefer it over the mini series though I thought the ending to the mini series was better, though wasn't Paul supposed to have left the knife in Feyd Rautha's throat at the end? I can't remember o_O Well I have to admit, the acting in the mini series was dreadful, the film had fantastic acting and perfectly done, but the mini series...ACK! Now the ending...I think the ending was better in the series, much better and they had Ornithopters!!! Sweet ^^, that's prob why it was better. But the only thing I found that was really bad about the series was that they skipped two whole years from ep2 to ep3, and that was the point where Paul and the Fremen were trying to stop the spice mining. And also the decor.....I didn't like it, but I have to admit that both the film and series are awesome, I like them a lot.:)
  9. Sorry I've been highly rarely coming here since more than a year ago but just want to pop in and say Happy Christmas for yesturday to you all and wish you a Happy New Year:), ummm, so how's Arrakis 2K coming along??? Still want to be playtester and I have BB now so I can d/l quickly off Gobalopper to test with my Hardware or something;)
  10. varsh

    TB Play

    Man, I haven't been here in such a long time that I've forgotten to see how this game's coming along a year later:o, at least it's going well:), well I can't have an opinion on this cos I don't really have that much knowledge of Dune or the books, though the TB play sounds interesting, though having tanks will spoil the play, we went over this in high detail I remember last year, but yeah, I think if you stick to finishing the game first, you could try implementing it as a patch or the like. It's an idea though if you want you could add it into the code now, though that would take a couple more months I'd reckon. Oh yeah, seeing that I have ADSL now (yeah baby), I wouldn't mind testing whenever, I talked to Lucas and he said I could try out the early test to see how it runs on my machine.....just a thought anyway, he knows how to contact me;).
  11. Oh yeah, I'm trying to get ADSL at the mo, if I can get it, could I by any chance become a playtester? ;)
  12. varsh


    I live in the UK.
  13. The only problem I have with this MB is that it's way too slow, that's why I rarely come here.
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