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  1. ENGLAND 3 DENMARK 0. Problem is we're gonna play brazil next at its at 3 in the afternoon (japanese time) or 7.30 am here in england. We're second favourites too win now,n unfortunately for us that is after brazil (d'oh). I reckon whoever wins this match will win the world cup. I won't predict a score because both teams are world class. Its anyones game.
  2. OnAMission


    The starport man, the starport!
  3. But i suspect the turret takes major damage. And when u attack with more than 1 devestator then u're screwed. Though its a nice though when a 1750 devestator is taken out by a 650 gun turret. except if the devestatoer is mine of course.
  4. Thou should never underestimate the power of the worm. Tip: USE U'RE RADAR
  5. OnAMission

    Tiberian Sun

    Yeah the TS movies were good. So were the RA ones.
  6. OnAMission

    Last Day

    Tis my last day at college 2day so access to the inet will be limited, I may be online 4 a bit when I come in 4 xams. Hopefully I shall get the inet in my room when I go to uni in oct. Until then. Bye.
  7. And we WILL NOT lose to argentina, we MAY lose to argentina. But if they win by penalties or hand of god i'm going to kill someone.
  8. OnAMission

    Tiberian Sun

    Tiberian sun was good. The units could have been improved though. The stealthn tanks on TS are no way as good as that on TD. Liked the titans and the nod arty though. There was also a distinct lack of naval units. I liked how it tells u when and whre u're base and harvesters r under attack.
  9. My only real disagreement with Erikson's squad is that he chose david james over richard wright. James is crap, he is not a good international player. Like in the friendly against South Korea. James first touch was getting the ball out of the back of the net!
  10. C&C, dune2k and other class RTS's are not stupid. Yes some of the missions may be repitative but the are not xactly the same. Stratagies differ and so does the terrain and the waay u r attacked.
  11. England are NOT a pitiful team >:( and you have no right to say that they are. We have several world class plaers on the team including one of the world's best strikers (Michael Owen) and the world's best crosser (David Beckam) who is now fully healed and fit to play sweden. I believe that this squad will get quite far in the world cup, maybe even win it (I hope). I'll admit the group we are in is not easy.
  12. Easier said than done. Unforntunately, due to hard disk limitations and dune 2000 taking up a tenth of it :( , I have been forced to remove it :'(. I've still got the saves so i'll complete it l8er.
  13. Beckhams back. Yeah! Hopefully Dyer & but will be back soon as well. & sinclair if he's not suffering from air-sickness.
  14. Doom 3 C&C Generals C&C Tiberium Twilight when that comes out. Yeah, Kane is still alive. Well at least a clone of him is ne way. U c it when u complete firestorm as nod. Ne way kane's cool. He's like behind the whole of the brotherhood of nod thing. Without kane the brotherhood is weak like all these different factions start appearing. (I.e. Hassan who dies satisfingly after mission 4, gets his throat sliced :D)
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