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  1. Stainless is Stainless, no? Stainless abriviation for best character ever: The Stainless Steel Rat
  2. Storms piss me off. You don't even get a warning when one comes up or when one starts ripping apart your base.
  3. I just got 5 fremen, and ran them down to the worm. Attack, move, attack, move. Moving was ALWAYS essential to dodge the guild cannon.
  4. heh, good thinking, although I live in Australia, so can't use it :P
  5. 1) Mainly stuff on games, usually fan sites (Fallout, Dune, Abandonware). Usually something with a bit of interactivity. 2) I don't, cause it's quicker for me to go down to the shop and buy it then and there. I also don't have a credit card and handle with cash only.
  6. hmm...maybe he ment [!] I remember the time I kept trying to do a sneak attack on my enemy, and everytime I got near his base, a big worm would chomp half my dudes. happened 3 times in a row.
  7. Hmm...this is a trickie one. probily either Fremen or Sards (I'm a sucker for miniguns and snipers)
  8. First off, it's not worth buying. It's mainly rental matrial only. Second, Civ 3 isn't that good, I found it quite bad after all the hype and stuff around it. And GOTYs mean absolutly nothing, anymore Thirdly, WW didn't make FH, Cryo did (the same people who made Dune)
  9. This game is fantastic, try it.
  10. Rowey79@hotmail.com Add me at your own risk of being spoken to.... :-X -Stainless (means, I'm gonna have to make ANOTHER group....)
  11. couldn't said it better my self :) If you hate getting rushed, then devise a new stratergy. 'oh he has a dust scout camping out my base' us a minotaur or seomthing that will kick it's arse in a second. DOn't have something like it? use a bunch of small vechiles.
  12. Atreidies: Sniper (that's me..always gotta be a unit in an attack!) Harkonnen: Flamethrower trooper(pretty much like a chem trooper, except look a whole lot cooler.) Ordos: Chem trooper (great to have at the forfront of the attack to take out infantry FAST...also good for cleaning up the aftermath, when the base is being annialated)
  13. Spam is a meat product that tastes like crap. Spam is also crap.
  14. I'm sorry, but I still didn't find that funny. If they didn't do that, it'd screw the game balance around too much. Or, it could be my lack of sense of humour....nah. Really, how can you find stuff like -A minotaur would fall over in real life, if it walked on the slopes like in Dune hell, if you found that funny. I could be your comedian master.... *shakes head, and walks off*
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