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Emperor expansion pack


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I 'm at it again.

I 'm leaving. Seriously. Not coming back with another nickname this time. Nor am I mad at anyone.

I apologise to the people that we worked together on mods. Sorry.

BTW, the reason I posted here is so that the thread reaches 600posts ;D ;D ;D

(having already announced twice that I 'm going to leave, then remaining and then leaving abruptly may sound kinda stupid. Well it is, but there are serious reasons I do it).

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Bye Ghosty. :'(

I nominate Frodo for the open mod position!

[hide]You ever notice ho we lose all the good people people? First AlphaBeta and now Ghosty. It isn't fair. Now we're left with a couple of good people and mostly second rate modders like me. ;D[/hide]

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Well no one liked my mod.. only cuz of KH...

Can i get a moderator possition? Im one of the most active here!

I liked it Vidi, better than KH anyway.

And as for moderatorship I think that 2 is all we need for now, with the advent of generals there may be more modding going on here concerning that game but I feel that Emp modding is nearly dead.

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