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FIFA World Cup 2010


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Don't want to sound arrogant but so far it seems like Germany was the only team actually warming up.  ;D

Okay... the opening match was nice too but everything else was pretty lame so far.   >:(

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I'm glad for Mexico. I really hope Uruguay and Mexico make it and France can fly back home. Now Italy has to lose as well and not make it to the next round and I'm happy. Then the best team may win, whoever that may be - I don't care that much. Germany would be nice (but only if they play attractive football the next games) but I also like  Argentina, the Netherlands, Cote d'Ivoire, Portugal, Mexico.... As long as the French and Italian with their boring games don't make it any further I'm happy enough. What a lame and boring final game it was 2006 between those two  >:(

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We beat Nigeria 2-1! First time ever to win a game in World Cup! The Nigerians dug their own grave. They could take a draw if not winning us, but while they were 0-1 one of their players acted like he was in kindergarten and was kicked out. So the advantage of one player more was enough for our team to reverse the game.


Goals scored: 2-1

Total shots: 27-10

Shots on target: 11-4

Corners: 11-3

Offsides: 3-1

Fouls committed: 13-15

Yellow cards: 3-1

Red cards: 0-1

Ball possession: 56%-44%

Still prospects for passing to the next phase are minimal. The team should have scored at least 1 more goal to have hope. Actually with above statistics they should had scored 2 more goals but they are missing the target easily. No quality at all. And the next game is with Argentina. The best we can expect is a draw. It will be extremely hard with the quality of our team, unless Argentinians don't play full to prevent loses of players (cards, injuries). And then Nigeria will have to beat S. Korea-pretty impossible. It was a shame we lost the first game from S. Korea. It was our own fault.

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I can't believe that the ref. didn't give that goal for the US. They had such a huge comeback and there was nothing wrong with that goal.

Germany didn't play well, now they have to fight in the last game. The ref. in this game was bad as well... so many cards for both teams although the match wasn't particularly hard.

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I can't watch England play anymore. It's just not entertaining football, nevermind quality!

Sometimes I wish I were German. They are just over the lake and they play with so much more conviction!

Even so, I wouldn't pay to go to the match and then BOOO the team. Disgusting! Some England fans are scum.

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I noticed that France, Italy and England are in an easy group made with the only purpose to allow them to pass the turn.

Well France failed, Italy isn't sure (it should win or draw the next match), England could lose (Slovenia beat Algeria, England draw Algeria).

The "big" of Europe with the exception of Holland seems quite weak. A good surprise are the asian teams: North Korea fought with honor in the hardest group, South Korea will pass, Japan using Tsubasa can pass. African teams are also quite weak...american teams as always are strong.

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Portugal? Why Portugal? The rest sure. But Portugal?

??? ??? ???

Well whats wrong with Portugal they third on world rankings.

They play like the best football  ;D ;D ;D

Other teams that consistantly play good ,attractive football is Holland and Brazil every world cup.  ;) ;) ;)

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