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  1. Best mod in my opinion : 1) IN THE DESTROYER'S GRIP by Apollyon. :D
  2. Hi ,yes you are right no elite online players play mods really. There are also very few online players currently. I am trying to make a good mod so that online players will play it. I had success with The Hour of Assasins 3. Alot of online players did download it. They did play it (3years ago 2012). The players did not like the new units except maybe the imperial tank. The one thing players did like was the a1 computer. I changed the difficulty name from HARD to BRUTAL. HardBuildTime was 20% HardBuildCost was 20% The A1 was hard to beat like an elite online player. Somebody even called it
  3. mod removed ,outdated
  4. hi , there are infantry mods; INFANTRY MOD by alphabeta4000 INFANTRY ONLY BY ^SnIpeR^ INFANTRY WARS BY DukeLeto Maybe one of these mods are what u looking for cheers
  5. Pressing N and D is not cheating. Auto clicking everybody has that makes the game better(i use autom8). So how do u get free radar. If that cheat exists then everybody should have it.
  6. Hi ,yes i will be interested in testing ur mod. U need tunngle 2 play this game. no coop campaign. Sunday is best day 2 find players playing emperor on tunngle. C u on the sands soon.
  7. CONGRATULATIONS to Atrd3mOn for conquering the EMP CHALLENGE VERSION 3. The EMP CHALLENGE version 3 is now over. Prize has been sent and Atrd3mOn has acknowledged that he received his prize. :D Iam busy working on EMP CHALLENGE version 4. Any ideas will be appreciated. I think version 4 will be released shortly. ;)
  8. I dedicate this mod to my dog. His name was MAX. He died on monday 19 november 2012. ======================================================================================================================== EMP CHALLENGE VERSION 3. ALL players welcome. Total Prize is 150$ (Western Union money transfer). NOOB TOURNAMENT=50$ ELITE TOURNAMENT=100$ The CHALLENGE is based on a mod The Hour of Assasins version 3. STEP 1 = Defeat all human opposition . STEP 2 = Defeat IMPERIAL CHALLENGE STEP 3 = Defeat GUILD CHALLENGE If you defeat the GUILD then the prize is yours Player will host game add computer t
  9. Yes people still play this game ,there was 10 people on tunngle yesterday 8 september 2012 :)
  10. To be honest i never played the campaign missions but if the A1 has an army already while you have to build a base then the player has no chance.i must admit i did not have the campaign missions in mind when i made this mod.Kines this is something you could do for players;a mod compatiable with campaign missions. Ok lets move on,you said you dont understand the parameters are the same so how does easy differ from hard? First lets look at the parameters easybuildcost = 10 (hard difficulty,brutal) hardbuildcost = 10 (easy difficulty,trickey) easybuildtime = 20 (hard difficulty,brutal) hard
  11. Kindjal iam glad you found the mod challenging 4 a while. Once u find a flaw then the A1 is beatable but i think only u and centner are capable of beating the A1 on BRUTAL(hard) using normal online setts ,10k etc. i know newlords can beat computer on trickey(not as hard). This mod is not a serious mod like other mods eg Shai-Hulud or ITDG(In The Destroyers Grip).But this could be the start of something big. If u wanna c a mod with alot of new stuff i recommend ITDG(IN THE DESTROYERS GRIP)by Apollyon. Funny i thought i reported all the changes but i made an error i used old version rules like
  12. Hi Kines ,iam glad ur taking interest in modding. i think the balance in my mod is good after all it is 95% similiar to normal online settings. Funny enough what made this mod a success is the tough A1 and not the changes i made to certain units or new units i introduced. i thought the A1 was overpowered but elite players like kindjal and centner found the A1 challenging like playing another tough elite player.
  13. Hi guys iam back from holiday. ;) Holiday was great. :D
  14. Lol that tornado is freaking strong. i must admit this EMP CHALLENGE was more 4 noob players . So now i have decided to make the EMP CHALLENGE consist of at least 2 different challenges. GUILD GLOBAL CHALLENGE this is mainly for NOOBS. IMPERIAL CHALLENGE this is mainly for ELITE players; EMP CHALLENGE; IMPERIAL CHALLENGE ELITE players welcome. Prize is 100$ (Western Union money transfer). The CHALLENGE is based on a mod The Hour of Assasins version 2. To win the prize money u gotta defeat the A1 on level Brutal ,GOOD LUCK. If more than 1 player beats A1 Brutal then the person who has the least
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