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As most of us are pretty grown up here, I thought I'd dedicate a thread to alcohol.  What do you lot enjoy drinking?  Right now, I'm drinking a chocolate flavoured beer, Floris Chocolat.  Next, I have a bottle of Cloudy Yellow, and finally a big bottle of King Cobra.

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Dunenewt, while I appreciate activity here as much as most of us, your desperation in scraping new topics from the bottom of the barrel is becoming more and more unsightly.

Port. Because it's damned fine, especially with strong cheese.

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Beer: Kirin Classic or Yebisu. Asahi but only rarely. (Suntory were whiskey makers first and still do both extremely badly.) Various micro-brewery things when I'm home in the States....

Sake: Anything from Niigata or anything karakuchi (sec, dry).

Wine: Almost anything red. Particularly fond of Rioja. Chianti.

Whiskey: Single-malt scotch. Lagavulin or Talisker. Any bourbon if for mint juleps. ;)

Gin: Tanqueray


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Never had it. Or heard of it before now. :P

"An Italian aniseed-flavored liqueur."

How similar is it to ouzo?

(I got drunk on that one time at a Greek festival at an Orthodox church in Columbus, Ohio and actually saw God. :D )

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