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  1. Actually there is such a language, I saw a CBC documentary that focused on the group of people who live in South America who have no words for time such as week, month, season, year. They also do not count their age even.
  2. Here is summary of what will happen in Ukraine http://gameofgeopolitics.blogspot.ca/2014/03/crisis-in-ukraine.html It is just sad too see that western nations are heading for another loss in foreign policy with Russia.
  3. Few weeks ago I went to a presentation by Murray Brewster on Canadian mission in Afghanistan. Murray Brewster is Canadian journalist with Canadian Press who covered from the ground the Canadian mission in Afghanistan from the time Canadian went into the Kandahar province till they left. He heavily criticized the whole mission and here are his points, I have added some explanations Lack of intelligence – there was very little attempts made to disentangle the whole situation in Afghanistan, all violence was blamed on Taliban while in reality a lot of came from warlords, drug lords and differen
  4. I remember this thing, it wasfrom Univeristy of Toronto and it was kept in Canadian Air & Space Museum, where I volunteered on financial committee and as accountant. That was all before the leasor kicked the museum out. The interesting thing about it was that it only rose a bit off the ground and it had a small engine attached to the back to give it extra boost at take off. The problem with flapping wings is that when wings go down the plane is pushed up and when the wings go up the plane is pushed down. The result is 0 consistent lift but small hopes. These guys solved the problem I think
  5. The West is not mobilising against Syria for few reasons. One is that Russia and China are blocking it. Russia is doing it very actively. 3 squadrons from 3 different navies (Blatic, Pacific, Black Sea) are throwing training exercises, maneuvers and wargames next to Syrian shores over next 3 months. So Syrian regime got it self a defensive cover. The second is the West's experience with the situations where they helped to overthrow the regime. The gain from that is small. Very little money is being made from Afghanistan, actually it is just a sinkhole we will be throwing money in for decades.
  6. For more then 3 months students across Canadian province of Quebec has been on strike and has been protesting the tuition fee hikes. The hikes supposed to increase the tuition fees for the university and college students over a period of few years (the period of years changes with each new proposed deal). The students went on strike and has been daily demonstrating against the proposed hikes. Other groups have jumped on the bandwagon and been adding their numbers to the demonstration. Last demonstration attempted to disrupt the Formula One Indy event in the Montreal. In addition, the students
  7. Syria is in the news today again after a bloody massacre. The current situation is that Syrian government is blaming the terrorist groups, which are present there. Al-Qaeda is would be present in Syria as one of its goals is overthrow of the dictatorships and monarchs and establishment of Islamic democracies. The opposition to Syrian government is blaming the government for the massacre. The resulting pictures and videos have shocked the world, more specifically the western world, and the leadership of Western world is currently siding with the opposition to Syrian government. UN chief on the
  8. Wow this is very interesting as here in Canada we do not have as much of a problem with illegal immigration. I wonder how much of a problem are the illegal immigration and how much of the impact they have on the country?
  9. Let's take several scenarios about how unemployment can arise. Let's use induvidual perspective: 1. Person leaves job willingly to look for a new one. I know that to some this will sound strange but in Canada here it was common thing to do. I would never attempt such a thing, I would look for new position while still working. 2. Person gets fired over bad actions at his job. 3. Person gets laid off 3.1 Lay off due to technology 3.2 Lay off due to outsourcing Situation 1: is normal and often seen as natural unemployment because it is unemployment that happens because induvidual is movin
  10. In Canada, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty had said "I was brought up in a certain way. There is no bad job, the only bad job is not having a job. I drove a taxi, I refereed hockey. You do what you have to do to make a living." This were his comments that he made to support the government's plan to toughen the rules on receipt of Employment Insurance (in most countries known as unemployment insurance). The comments were made to push at the point that people who receive unemployment insurance refuse to take jobs that are far away from them or that they consider them to be beneath them. I agree w
  11. The current reports are that the Greeks are withdrawing money from banks. Let's hope it doesn't turn into the run on the banks because that will give a clear signal that the Greeks have no faith in any political party to resolve the situation. That is common problem in other Western nations, especially during the elections. The reason is that putting out a logical message is too hard rather to scream and put out an emotional one. Emotional messages motivate people more then logical ones. The second problem is that logical message will not be understood completely as the modern electorate of a
  12. I think in situation where Iran gets the nuclear weapons, other countries in the region would not get nuclear weapons, they will just build up their conventional military strength and have US provide the nuclear retaliation capabilities. The reason is that the region is of vital importance due to oil found there and the fact that it can set the price of oil. To the arabic nations there it would be a good deal as the US will bear the cost of the nuclear program to protect them.
  13. I am not so sure that cancellation of soveriegn debt would remove need for austerity measures. The reason why the money was borrowed in the first place is not addressed by cancelleing the sovereign debt and nationalising the banks. Countries borrowed money because they did not have the money in the first place and they stayed in debt because they did not have any instruments to generate enought tax revenue to repay the debt. It is basically same as with regular people and regular companies. Let's demonstrate through the following example: Example 1: Average person Let's say I want to take cour
  14. Well this is really bad. I can see the market indexes dropping tommorrow all over the world. It seems that EU won't be able to bail out Greece for much longer. It is not surprising that fascist and neo-nazi party got seats in parliament. Greece now has strong anti-foreigners sentiment as it is the foreigners that are pushing austerity on them. The high uemployment creates the resentment of immigrants because Greeks see immigrants as those who took their jobs. Also Golden Dawn campaigned on anti-austerity program too. However, as long as the party remains in small minority it is not a danger as
  15. I think when it comes to Iran, we should see it as a perfect example of the state that uses rhetoric to the most extent. They are great at their anti-western show, but I don't think we should see it as anything more then the rhetoric. Such a country can not afford to be a completly loyal to its rhetoric or it would not be able to properly interact with other countries in the world. Therefore the religious extremes would not be influencing the Iran's foreign policy, that is not to say that it will stop to broadcast anti-western rhetoric. I don't see either Israel or Iran becoming India and Paki
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