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  1. The actual president of Syria,Asad, is the son of HAffez Al-Asad...you see, never changed. His info came from those links?....hehehehe poor sod. Someone should go medieval on his ass.
  2. With some hebrew touches.
  3. Nothing about Tiberium or Scrin, the other pic has the same phrase. I should replay Renegade... Is that map located in the Midle-East? I think that is some Genesis verse, can
  4. It says IHWH (iud-he-vav-he) commonly misnamed as Jehova, that is why i wrote
  5. I know hebrew and there is written: Abel, He-bet-lamed. And the text above says something like: God chooses Abel better than his brother.
  6. No,blue griffin is Harkonnen crest.
  7. No, because Atreides means *Sons of Atreus*, and unless Atreus
  8. Wrong, MEnelaus was the first Atreides, he was the elder brother ;)
  9. That is answered in God Emperor of Dune (can remember the page), when someone (Moneo,Siona or Duncan) ask to Leto II why he didn
  10. You have a point here, she must have sex first.
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