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Guest Vince_skz

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I always used three rocket tanks with three siege tanks for escort to take out the defences. Plus I had a backup team like that one just a tile behind, so that any enemy foolish enough to rush my R. Tanks would be thumped to the ground. Never sacrificed units except for scouting.

I always had a 15:1 + kill ratio. ;D

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Guest Tabaqui of Gidur-log

A great tactic i used was to use the rocket.tank to attack another slower tank. I could get two shots in, and then run. After a few seconds the defender returned to his post as if nothing happened and i fired again till its dead. esp. usefulagainst devestators and siege.ts

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If you want to get rid of those blasted rocket turrets, make sure the turret is at the very top of the screen and you have a launcher at the very bottom in the same vertical plane. You can put another launcher one tile up and one tile left/right of the first one. All three will be out of range of the turret. This works if you have the launcher at the top of the screen and the turret at the bottom, too. I expect that this is VERY well-known, but I thought I'd pass it on, just in case...

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I played Dune II, but now Emperor.

I used always some launchers (or sonic tanks) to destroy the turrets, and so the entire base

But my turrets, when they were bored, always fired at the northwest corner. Looked pretty funny  ;D ;D ;D :D

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hehe yeah about that sonic range thing... that's right indeed... i found out the same problem when i was playin it with atreides...

and that rocket tank strat works indeed very easy vertically... but is harder horizontal as the screen is wider horizontal... and you can put 3 rocket tanx to attack one turret... perhaps even 5.. can't remember it too good though

x = rocket tank

y = rocket turret


                                                 x x

                                                x   x



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