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  1. My best bet appears to be "DuneEx2", but no joy with it, so far... Best keep looking, huh? Thanks for your suggestions, though...
  2. Thanks! I'll do as you suggest and report back... When you have a subject, like this, it's difficult to know which forum is best suited, innit? I always sorta assumed that this forum was OK for almost anything to do with Emperor, so I plumped for that. Did something weird, the other day... Played Dune 2 for the first time in ages! It has a certain playability, doesn't it? :D
  3. I've pulled some of the sfx from Emperor and they're fine. Some of them, however, are rather weird! Using "BagTool" to extract them. Using "CoolEdit" and "WinAmp" to hear them. What, if anything, am I doing wrong? Are the samples in some weird "wav" format, that even "CoolEdit" doesn't recognise, or am I simply lacking in an encoder, or summat? Figured that one of you knowledgable types would know the answer... ;)
  4. I ran his posting thru my decrypter. I THINK he's trying to say that his dinner's ready and that his mommy has told him to take his teddybear with him to his next English language lesson, so that he may learn something of it. Maybe it's some coolspeak and we're too uncool to understand, ay? ;)
  5. To be honest, I LOVE playing as the Ordos, with the deviator! If you hit a Harkonnen vehicle and send it to attack an Ateides building, or vice-versa, they'll just keep attacking it, 'til it destroyed it! why risk your own units, when you can use theirs? Finished the game, as Ordos, many, many times, with no cheats, using that strategy... :)
  6. katz


    There are loads. Try the links listed on this site...If you can download SuperDune, you can edit the scenario files to suit your own desires!!!
  7. katz

    Repair yard

    I DID say that you needed a carry-all... ;o) The trouble with modern games, is that the graphics, etc. seem to get amazingly better, but there doesn't seem to be that undfinable quality...GAMEPLAY. I would much rather that Dune 2000 had been identical to Dune 2, but with improved graphics. But then, I'm just an old git...
  8. katz


    I hope that this makes sense and that someone can help me. It's not a major problem, but it IS a bit annoying...Having downloaded "SuperDune", with the three extra "Houses", I gave it a go...The Fremen one works fine, but the Sarduakar and Mercenary houses seem to have a weird "Bug", if bug it is. I'm unable, for some reason, to place a 2x2 piece of concrete. I can put a single piece down, as long as it's right next to a building, but NOT if it's just next to another piece of concrete, for some reason. I would imagine that I could edit one of the many "scenario" text files to solve this problem, but I don't even know where to start! Any help on this would be much appreciated...
  9. If you look around this site and some of the links that it displays, you'll find that you can download the full version of Dune 2...
  10. katz

    Repair yard

    I'm not a guest, I'm a member...what WAS my sign-in code, though...? Any way, If you ensure that your repair yard is totally surrounded by buildings and you have a carry-all, or three, any damaged vehicles will be carried to the repair yard and replaced in their original positions by the carry-alls! Saves watching for the damaged vehicles and mucking-about getting them rapaired and back into battle, dunnit? Am I the only one to drag-out Dune 2 for an occasional game, nowadays?
  11. Erm...rotating images? Damn...am I using the wrong browser (NeoPlanet) again? Can't see 'em!
  12. Apart from anything else, an ExAtreides would have a better grasp of basic spelling... :-[
  13. katz

    Dune2 (Obviously!)

    Actually, now that I've got myself a nice lady and stolen the "Heart of gold" from old Zaphod, think of the fun I'll have with an infinite improbability drive!
  14. Just a thought. Make sure you have the very latest version of DirectX installed. I haven't had this problem, myself, but I seem to remember seeing this problem some while ago and this was one of ideas put forward. Quote:If it ain't broken, don't try to fix it...
  15. katz


    If you want to get rid of those blasted rocket turrets, make sure the turret is at the very top of the screen and you have a launcher at the very bottom in the same vertical plane. You can put another launcher one tile up and one tile left/right of the first one. All three will be out of range of the turret. This works if you have the launcher at the top of the screen and the turret at the bottom, too. I expect that this is VERY well-known, but I thought I'd pass it on, just in case...
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