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  1. marcel


    We arn't going to have tanks in the game, so I'm afraid that won't happen ;)
  2. marcel


    Actually that wouldn't suprise me in the least. They start with taking over the minds of young childeren and work there way up from there :)
  3. marcel


    Didn't they only ban the imports of live stock? :) And btw, we wern't the people behind it. The people behind it where the English and the French :)
  4. marcel


    Maybe we should take over Russia first after continiueing east and taking over China we'll be ready to take over the USA and Canada ;) And if that fails we could always put some Rat poison in the Gouda meant for export ;) 'Be carefull what you eat guys. Eating Pizza will never be the same' ;)
  5. marcel


    I just saw that we share the same internet provider (For me in the weekends anyways) :) Zal wel toeval zijn ;)
  6. marcel

    space wars

    In 90% of the cases where it runs slow it's because of the lack of OpenGL drivers on you computer. First make sure that your videocard supports OpenGL (One of the following cards should work: Any nVidia card [TNT, TNT2, GeForce], ATI Radeon, 3dfx Voodoo 2..5, but also a lot of other cards). The problem is that you ussually don't get OpenGL drivers when you install the drivers for your card. The standard drivers are the software OpenGL drivers made by Micro$oft which are VERY slow. Your best bet would be to go to www.glsetup.com and see if you card is supported. If it is you should download the install programm and install new OpenGL drivers. This should alleviate the problem.
  7. marcel


    Sorry for the late reply btw, my internet time has also been a bit limited the last month or two.
  8. marcel


    Sorry for updating the main page so little. Rest assured that we are still working on the game. It's just that we all have a lot of stuff to do for school :( Still as is evident with the SpaceWars2 demo (which shares most code from the A2k engine) we are still working on the game. That's actually one of the reasons that we released SW2. Since A2k is a much more complicated game all the work we do on it is hard to show you. But SW2 implements a lot of the work we've done in a simple game so you can have hands-on experience with our progress.
  9. marcel

    space wars

    Glad you like :) Well.. It is just a sort of test ;) But I am planning to implement certain features like sound and network play into SpaceWars2 first. Because it's a simpler game it's easier to test this kind of stuff in there first before porting them to A2k. So if all goes well you can expect a version of SpaceWars2 with both sound and network play before to long.
  10. Just wait till you see this game ;)
  11. Oh, and I also wanted to say I think Java sucks for anything but internet apps (I had to learn and use it at university for 2 years :() But at least if you can do Java it's a very small step up to C/C++. I really love those pointers, they can be so much fun ;D
  12. marcel


    Yeah, I remember that tactice. I used that too :)
  13. We havn't made any plans to release the source code. Maybe in the end we'll decide to fully release it. But this decision will be made at a much later date.
  14. marcel

    This board

    We try to make the units more diverse to give each of them a strategical advantage. Ofcourse there will probably be normal tanks, but we won't just copy all the units strait from D2k. We also plan to make the Fremen more important and most of all interesting :)
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