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  1. Er, why does it read like a film scene? ???
  2. David Lynch are using chat-rooms/IRC? Wow. :P
  3. By the way, are you going to put in what you talked about a little while ago, about giving a "carryall assist" command to units to use when moving so caryalls would move them to their destination? Also, nice image. The terrain looks great (exactly as I remember it), but I somehow feel that the construction yard looks too "clean", so I really hope we'll be able to use the original artwork (no offense to your art-making capabilities, I'm just very much a nostalgic retro guy :P ).
  4. Am I the only one thinking "transvestite!" about the one on the right? ??? :-X
  5. Convert the the original graphics and sound into the new format(s) you are using, so one can use the original sound and graphics for that "nostalgic pixelated" feeling. :)
  6. Since you are using new formats, are you (eventually) going to convert the original content to the new format(s), for that extra nostalgia factor? :)
  7. The answer of course to keep it as close as possible as default, with options (or the other way around, new features and content as default, with a "classic" mode available) for new graphics/sounds/gameplay options etc. :)
  8. The best of luck to you! I can't wait to try the finished product. :) By the way, will D2TM be compatible with the original D2 content? For example, can one use the original graphics and sounds? And how similar will the interface be?
  9. Just gotta say, the Dune 2 music rocks! :D
  10. Now, I seriously think i have waited long enough...Can someone please tell me: What in the deserts of Dune was Leto II really up to? Did he even understand what he was doing before he put on the sandtrout suit? Ugh...why did Herbert make those books so hard to understand...? :( :-
  11. Still not understanding... ??? What the heck did Leto II save humanity from!? With everyone saying "Oh yes, he saved humanity!", it sounds like everyone has just been brainwashed by the "propaganda" in the books, saying he saved humantiy, but not really telling from WHAT. *sigh*
  12. Noticed it too :O Always fun when "Dune-words" pop up ;) ;D :)
  13. Natvigs Krydderblanding is my melange. ;) ;D
  14. Yeah, and uh well, nowhere in the two first books where there ever (as far as i know) indicated that mankind was going downhill.... ???
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