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  1. Green eggs and hamlet? (the green eggs and ham on middle of the road) Chopper (the motorbike on the road) The Raven (on the barbed-wire - or is that solely bird on a wire as someone said) (Could the guy with the blue flyswatter thing and a jar for a head be jarhead?)
  2. Apparently you can aim Link's bow uning the rev. control in twilight princess (It's a gamecube game that's not out yet). And the first Rev. game has been announced, called red steel.
  3. I'm taking up tricking, if that counts.
  4. Lol, My girlfriend emailed that picture to me 3 days ago, and I just got it :-[... He can't hear 'cos he's got no ears... Ahhh, it still doesn't tickle my funny bone. I find it amusing that all the supermarkets set up their Easter (inset major holiday name) displays at least 5 weeks in advance. I'm not going to elaborate because it's almost 6 in the morning.
  5. I don't know about the ports, but people are playing on-line VIA the virtual LAN hamachi. There is a network here. They are using the IPX protocol over it (the virtual LAN device) I think. I haven't tried, but I guess that's a start? Sorry if it's not what your after. (As a side note, is there an easy way to find out what ports a program tries to access? I'm trying to get rocket jockey to work online, with no success, even though it's documented that it should.) EDIT: link works now.
  6. I hope not! More innovation, change, whatever you want to call it. I can walk into a games store now and not even be tempted by games (though if we got a decent amount of games for the DS down here that would change: ouenden, Trauma Center: Under the Knife, tetris ds, metriod prime: hunters, brain age, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney to name a few...I might save up and import). I hate to sound like a fanboy, but I'm hanging out for Nintendo's next console (if you haven't guessed)... :P I'm not a fan of MMO universes. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea, just not the reality. And that has nothing to do with the community (I don't really play any MMO's). It's to do with the time/dedication aspect. I can't (and I'm scared what would happen if I do get addicted to one of these games...) afford to spend that much time on one game. Those days are past me (if they ever existed). I am all for a big drive to make a truly universal engine though. And I mean universal. All branches of scientific modeling would use it, anything that requires computer modeling for tests, research, etc would use it, as well as games. That's why it would be possible in my mind. It would be a subscription based thing, and all parties get the latest and greatest. It's all in my mind, but that's what I would like to see structurally. As for games, I would like a new game where you the competition is style. Full matrix style controll (IE. you don't move your actual arms/legs), in a big room/hall, where you need to do whatever the playtype (of multiple playtypes) says. Examples: - Make your way across the room. There would be stuff in the way, Think of an adults version of a playground, and you would make your way across, combining elements of free running and tricking into it. And your score would be based on how stylish it looks. - Ditto, but a time trial. - Ditto, but with targets, and the additional challenge to shoot them. - you get the idea. And all aspects of the engine would be modifiable; Your muscle boost percentage (face it, you want some boost), gravity percentage, the ability to change the source of gravity for a short time(wall running anyone?), Air resistance, etc. Not only does this add more scope to it, it lets people find their niche, their speciality. If they want to be competitive (I would like to see it as a passive competitive game) by only playing 0-40 Min's a day, they might be right up there in their setting field. But this needs to be true: If you want to play for 20 Min's once every blue moon, you'll have a ball. If you want to hone your technique, you can spend some more time on it, with a healthy time VS gain ratio. Okay, that's really more of a preference than a theory, but it stands...
  7. Congrats. And on the subject of marijuana and being the random thread, Some guy (he was 40) on the bus the other day fairly randomly let me smell the bud he got (by let, read: non-violently forced), then proceded to ask if I smoked (which is a no). Awesome. :P
  8. Too true. I think I heard a rumor (I'm not entirely sure, even as rumors go :P) that the Nintendo Rev was going to have a physics processor for the calculations of the 'wand' and what that translates into game wise. As in it uses the physics processor to work out velocity, acceleration and torque of the remote(input), and also for the physics of the world/objects (output). As I said, I'm not sure, and I don't think there is any info for or against. We might find out at E3. Who knows... But yeah, I am all for physics cards, even If I can't afford it. It's kind of a step towards a single universal colossal engine.
  9. [rant] Wait, what?! I think this is an absurd statement, take Antartica as an example. The tech that researchers take there is definatly "high tech", and resiliant. And I contest that Australia is "non-high tech". [/rant] It was an interesting read, crysknife. I should really go and find a copy of Asimov's work. Sounds interesting.
  10. http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b79/Shags09/desktop.jpg Now with uncluttered goodness!
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