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What car do you drive ?


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Haha, MrFlibble, you damn Russians must crash a lot of cars... Although I completely understand it. The suckage of your cars is unbelievable. My grandpa had a Lada once, and he got a tendon inflammation because the wheel was so hard to move. ( Or maybe it's all the booze that makes you bad drivers. )

Yes, the quality of car manufacture leaves a lot to be desired. The very same friend of mine told me that in one particular Zhiguli model, the engine tends to detach from the framework when the car rapidly slows down, and ram into the driver, causing severe injuries :O

Unfortunately, it's not only the booze, but more recklessness and stupidity >:( You could only wonder at how many pedestrians ignore the simple rule: do not cross the road at the red light. Every day I see lots people just rushing into the gaps that occur in traffic at their own peril. Only few (including me) have patience enough to wait for the green light. No, I'm serious. The drivers are only a bit more disciplined, possibly fearing to lose the driving license.

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New Volkswagen Polo. It's a good car but I was hoping to be driving a Volkwagen Golf soon. But it is kinda expensive in the lease so I haven't made up my mind yet. Another option would be a Ford Focus. It is a decent car, although the interior is kind of cheap and the driving experience is not as good as in the Golf. The good thing is that it comes with a lot of options standard

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